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Eons ago I promised an entry breaking down my massive TEF/PpG/RrB playlists. Today I am following through! Kind of! With (most of) the Blues, at least! )

Even though I don't quite listen to music with the ear for “Would this fit a character/pairing?!” the way I used to, the possibility exists that these playlists may get updated from time to time if I hear something that happens to fit.

Of course, if you lovely folks have any Blues songs you'd like to recommend, please do! I love listening to the playlists you all come up with :)

ETA: P, one of my favorite peoples of all time, wrote me birthday fic! Specifically, Reds!birthday fic! Featuring blushing and angries and shirts! Go read and lavish all the love upon her!
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To the person who sent me a PM asking about the thing - you can do the thing! Your account is set up such that I cannot actually respond to your message, hence the public post instead.

(The two things I would ask that you add are a disclaimer attributing PpG to Craig McCr*cken and, if possible, a note that your work is not necessarily hard TEF/MTH canon. Thank you so much!)

And for extra funsies, I want this to be on Blossom's warm-up post... well, post-Brick anything, really. I want her to throw that into the stereo and then just hit it so hard, to the point where she could legitimately be breaking shit by the end of it. Shit as in... the foundation of the studio.

... I wonder if there's anything she could suitably krump to, come to think.
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I swear to God I cried like five times during The Muppets. Not even joking. It just pushed my Nostalgia Button, HARD. I didn't even realize I had a Muppet Nostalgia Button.

Along that vein, I figured, you know, I have a couple of Muppets songs on my PpG playlists (lol I know, I know, everything gets tied back to the PpG, HELLO WELCOME TO THE STORY OF MY LIFE).

I have to admit that my memory of the original movies from the 70s/80s is very fuzzy, so most of the songs on my playlists are the ones refreshed by The Muppets and The Green Album (aka Muppet Hipster Album). I couldn't find videos/links for everything, so you'll just have to deal :[

Let's start with something silly. )

I won't be uploading these, because The Green Album and The Muppets soundtrack are both available on Amazon right now as MP3 downloads for very cheap ($3.99 and $4.99, respectively) and if people have the cash to spare they should totally go buy these especially The Green Album because that is good money well spent and The Muppets deserve all the monies.

So. Blame the new movie. And go see it if you have any nostalgia for the Muppets, at all. Oh God I haven't been able to listen to Rainbow Connection without tearing up for the past 24 hours. SERIOUSLY GO SEE THE MUPPETS
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Hence, SONG!POST. I'd say this is my "unorthodox pairings song!post!" except it's still got some Red in there (albeit AU) as well as Bubbles loving life and the Girls being generally awesome, so... no, nothing here is really out of the ordinary for me. (Also includes Bubbles/Princess, Bubbles/Brick, Sedusa/Professor, and Mitch/Buttercup.)

Anyway, we'll get the boring Reds one out of the way first. )

As always, if you adore any of these, I highly encourage you to purchase the songs from the actual artists. Download links are provided for preview purposes only.

Let me know what you think and what you love :)
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So tired. Sorry about the lack of postings. I just can't summon the energy, ugh. So here is a lazy song!post. Contains angsty!Reds, RrB with crushes (though mostly fitting Boomer), and BUTTERCUP/ACE homg I promise you you are still on planet Earth

Lazy song!post: GET. )

I've had another song!post planned centering on creepy relationship songs (like along the lines of, uh, stalking and violence) but that requires a little more effort and man, I am not about the effort today. Hay guys what is the haps.

Actual content later at some point. For now, let me know what you think of my nerdy song selections 8B

DL links included and provided for preview purposes only, if you like this shit ten by all means plz buy it via the purchase links provided above xoxo
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Has there been adequate discussion about how nerdy I am about that thing I am nerdy about? I think not.

I was pretty much the last person on the face of the planet to see Tangled despite being ridiculously excited about it ever since I first heard Glen Keane was being put in charge of his own Disney movie (waaaaaay back in college!). After finally seeing it just last week (I KNOW, I SUCK AT NERDING), I have pretty much been consumed with the premise of Boomer being utterly infatuated with this movie and making Him take him to see it like eleven times. And Him would protest, except, uh, general shiny prettiness, MUSICAL HELLO, and Mother-fucking Gothel. (Yes, that was deliberate! Feel free to point it out!)

So OF COURSE Him totally supports Boomer's love of this musical, much to Brick's and Mojo's chagrin. (LJ, have we discussed how enormously amused I am by the idea of Him moving himself and the Boys in with Mojo so they can play the whole Perfect Nuclear Family game?) Because Boomer and Him are family bonding over this Disney Princess movie, you understand, and so they are frequenting the theater and having talks at the dinner table about how Rapunzel holds up to Disney's previous princesses and Brick and Mojo want to stab things because WHY and Butch is just like Is she hot yes or no it's a simple question and then there's this sidetrack while Him and Boomer try to explain Disney princesses are not SUPPOSED to be hot they are supposed to be CUTE because those are the best kind and Butch just goes like So no and then Him and Boomer are like ARE YOU EVEN PAYING ATTENTION BUTCH SERIOUSLY WE'RE NOT USING BIG WORDS HERE


Boomer sings all Rapunzel's parts and Him sings all Mother Gothel's parts. By the way.

And they pull Brick into it when they need someone with Rapunzel-length hair to REALLY make it work. And Brick hates everything. But especially Boomer and Daddy Him.

Cut for potential spoilers for Tangled songs! I have honestly worked out how these play out in their household, seriously. )

In summary: Boomer = Rapunzel, Him = Mother Gothel, Brick = Rapunzel (hair stand-in).


Seriously for a second. I am, uh, embarrassed to admit this, but I have lost track of who I owe/have promised fic to. I think I recall four for sure...? Anyway my point is, if I have at any point said to you HEY WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY or HEY YOU SHOULD REQUEST SOMETHING OF ME, then please, please remind me! I think... well I'm not going to list names here. Just pm me, please. And remind me what you requested! I just realized - that number is at least six, not four. God my brain, why.
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Some random things first! Thank you to [profile] blueheavenangel and [profile] queentiria for the fanart! I will be adding it to the sticky as soon as I make the time to update the damn thing. Also, uh, I believe most of you have seen the comic [personal profile] gabzillaz did, so yeah, I totally didn't lie about more awesomeness from her to you. [profile] demon_bird has also done cool shit, and okay this is basically turning into a re-hash of last entry so imma stop here k.

I'm currently working on round 1 revisions for TEF ch7. After that it'll probably go through a couple more rounds to polish it up, and then we'll see about posting it. (At some point I still plan on posting about my beta process and the collective awesomeness that is [profile] mathkid and [personal profile] juxtaposie; I've had a draft of that entry sitting on my drive for over a year now...)

I am also planning to go through and update all the TEF chapter posts in this lj to link to everything correctly, because right now it is a giant pain in the ass to navigate and I'm sorry for everyone who's been having to put up with that. At least the fic's formatting has been updated on ffnet. If it isn't something going on in one place, it's something else going on in another friggin' pit way the hell over there, I swear. (This is what I get for being a disorganized, lazy bitch.)

Hey I heard this song today that totally reminded me of TEF!Brick. Which is deceiving, because I actually link this song to an aspect of Brick we are not directly privy to in TEF - the aspect that probably a spoiler if you haven't read ch6a yet )
RL is still busy and I'm still catching up on my flist, so I apologize for being MIA on the comments front. A bunch of you all have been posting awesome shit and I have not been able to make the time for you :C But soon! I promise!

And now, for actual content. Way back when, when I did my first poll of ridiculosity, I solicited questions. Questions that I have been, um, super-shitty at answering. So! Let me take the opportunity to jump back on and answer a few of them.

Mind you, I don't claim to be an expert in any way, shape, or form... just someone with too many opinions on things. )

Man, this night wound up being a long one. Progress on ch7 revisions to continue tomorrow morning. After I have slumbered. And then I shall reward myself with a viewing of Sucker Punch. (Yes, I've heard the various verdicts and noted its rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Andrew O'Hehir's opinion is the only one I care about these days since he's the only critic I agree with on a regular basis (warning for spoilers in that review), and also [profile] cidercupcakes' because she consistently says smart things about feminism in general.)
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I've been absent due to rl things picking up, but I'm still going to try and post something every Sunday! (Today you get me blathering about TEF writing and more tunage; I can tell you're so excited.)

Confession! After bitching about what basically amounted to a (hellish) year off from writing, I pretty much didn't do any for most of the months of January and February (yes, even despite finishing up ch10a for beta). I finally picked TEF back up again at the beginning of last week, but then fizzled out by Thursday because I haven't been getting enough sleep. This is a chronic problem of mine with no legitimate medical reason; I'm pretty much fully to blame for inflicting sleep deprivation on myself.

Anyway, for those three days I did manage to fit in 45 min of writing time each morning. It wasn't as hard as I expected, but I was taken aback at how dismal my output was. At my peak (in 2009) my morning writing sessions used to yield at least a page per hour, including minor editing work. This past week I only cranked out roughly 400-500 words per day, which left me with not quite two pages' worth of work to show for three mornings. It's frustrating only in the sense that I know I used to be more productive during these sessions, but at the same time I recognize I am talking about a habit I fell out of for a year and in truth 400-500 words a morning is nothing to sneeze at.

In lieu of more boring news about my writing habits, [profile] philosophicwax, that veritable Goddess among us mortals, posted a fascinating and wonderfully thought-out entry featuring a smattering of recommendations from her own PpG!playlist. And you wonder why I sing her praises so.

Philly's post reminded me of one song in particular that I hadn't listened to in a long time, and, subsequently, an album I haven't played in even longer. I had recced Good Man by Third Eye Blind ages ago (none of the links in that post work anymore, sorry, perhaps I'll re-upload later) as one of my quintessential Reds pieces, and yet for the past couple of years it received so little play on my end that I'd pretty much forgotten how central it was to my interpretation of the Reds.

That led to me digging out my copy of Out of the Vein a week ago, which in turn led to me being reminded of a couple of my other favorite songs on the album, which in turn led to me discovering a song each for the Blues and the Greens, which is, in turn, leading me to share those songs with you all in this post. (And blather about 3EB for a bit.)

3EB used to be one of my favorite bands. )

That was probably more nerdy soliloquizing than you needed to be subjected to. OH WELL.
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I'm not sure who's on who's flist anymore, but just wanted to bring some PpG-related things happening on lj to everyone's attention:
And as for me, well, all you hotties out there get more from my PpG-related playlists 8B

Because the AC adapter for my big machine has died and I'm trying to go easy on Captain Sparklypants (given the previous issues I'd been having with it), no uploads today. SAD, I KNOW. Also, I wanted to go with a theme this time (well, mostly - but consider the tap dancing a beautiful little bonus). My theme? A few of the fucking fem-tastic songs on my playlist. The ones that make me happy to have the Girls and happy to be a girl woman, whatevs, and that can't help but make me feel a little bit better about myself and the world and the things I can do in it.

GO! Do it to it, girls! )

THANK YOU ALL FOR INDULGING ME. "Hey there, Mr. Blue, we're so pleased to be with you...!" is totally going to be on my next Bubbles icon.

You guys

Feb. 22nd, 2011 12:48 am
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You're awesome. You just are. For all that fandom disappoints, saddens, even infuriates me, you guys always come in and remind me how fucking wonderful it is to be here. You are my cool crowd that I can't quite believe exists. It's like, I look around and see myself surrounded by all these awesome people, and I'm kind of flabbergasted by it; it seems too good to be true. How did I even get here?!

I love your comments, and I don't just mean the reviews (though don't get me wrong, those are awesome!). I love the discussion, the back and forth, the character analyzation, the voicing of our frustrations, the celebration of what triumphs there are, and the complete and utter cracktitious madness that helps keep us sane (or laughing, at least). It's all incredibly healing. Every time I lose my faith in fandom you come in and restore it back a hundredfold.

I love you guys. Team FList, forever xoxo

So! All this talk of music and songing and the like... quite a few of you were posting your playlists for awhile, and I was like I GOTTA GET IN ON THIS AT SOME POINT but keep finding myself incredibly daunted by the SHEER MAGNITUDE of the task it would be to list out every single song on my PpG-related playlists. Because, see, the thing is. I don't just have pairing playlists. As you know, I have playlists for action scenes, scenes for specific scenes in TEF, scenes that will never see the light of written day but evoke something I like that gets worked into my fic in some other way (or just a contemplative lj post), and then there's the songs for individual characters, and this isn't just the Girls and the Boys, you guys. IDEK where the fuck to start.

So I'm going to do it this way - I'm going to turn on my mp3 player and skip till I hit a song that is somehow related to PpG for me, and then you guys get to be subjected to me nerding out about it for a bit. LUCKY YOU. (You even get downloads!) All downloads are for preview purposes only and are not intended to infringe on any artist's benefits, please download responsibly or Mojo's going to come talk your ear off before he threatens to shoot you with his giant laser which will give the Girls ample time to sweep in and rescue you BUT THAT'S NEITHER HERE NOR THERE

First up on the list... )

OH MAN THE NEXT SONG WAS A GOOD ONE, TOO. (Of COURSE now I'm getting all the non-Japanese stuff. Mojo you suck.) Well. We'll just save that for next time~


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