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That's funny. Anyway, if you haven't been here awhile, I'm answering questions on the reg at my account. Also, here's trivia for ch7!

'His problem is he's a whiny little bitch,' Brick answered. 'My problem is you're a giant fucking prick,' Butch retorted. )
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To the anon who requested playlists, still working on it! For the time being you can check out the aural pleasures tag for a small smattering of songs I use for inspiration/associate with various characters/pairings/scenarios.

Anyway, ch6a trivia! LJ's new way of displaying lj-cuts still pisses me off, so if you want a less ugly looking page like me, just click on the title of this entry to pull all the trivia up.

'That reminds me, when is the strangling supposed to be happening?' Boomer queried. 'Can I pencil you in at five? You've gotta give me some time to unpack first.' )
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Continuing on from yesterday's post!

'Dude.' He gaped. 'Buttercup, your arms are so cut I'm not even staring at your tits.' )

OKAY I'M SORRY BUT I'LL HAVE TO CONTINUE THIS AGAIN LATER. Wear a PpG shirt today! We can be twinsies! Or tripletsies! (I'm rocking Blossom today. Don't leave me hanging.)
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But some talk about PpG/RrB physiology first! )

Really. Thank you. ♥

Another aside before I start banging out some trivia! I'm sure most of you are aware (if not, well, I guess I'm a bigger nerd than you) that CTN recently celebrated their 20th anniversary, and commissioned I Love Dust (based in London) to animate this lovely 2-minute bumper for them.

I think they did lovely work (although I missed the thick line quality when it went into that black-and-white segment; Dexter was just missing that certain je ne sais quoi to his look) and still can't believe how much my chest literally - literally - swells when I hear that little bursty sfx that is the Girls taking off or in flight. A whole decade+ later and I'm still so affected by so small a thing.

This, truly, is what it means to be a complete, utter PpG fan!dork.

Well. To further expound upon that. ETA: You guys, I totally forgot the Beach Chapter was up next for trivia. Oh, God. This is going to be fun.

Some of the boys later claimed a chorus of Hallelujah had echoed in the skies at first sight of Buttercup's toned stomach. Others argued the music didn't start until the shirt had passed into higher, holier territory. )

OKAY YOU KNOW WHAT I will have to continue this later! Stay cool, everyone. Wear condoms. Don't do drugs. TYFYT
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Been in a weird writing funk lately. Haven't touched TEF for a couple of months or more now, and when I thought about jumping back on it I got all giddy and excited. Now to actually sit down and write it.

Well. Here is some TEF trivia in the meantime!

'Dude! Hands off!' Boomer exclaimed, striking him with his bat. 'I'm saving myself for marriage!' )
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I love you guys so much. Thank you.

Carrot-raisin muffins are on the to-do list for today. I wish I could send some to every one of you. (They are delicious carrot raisin muffins, despite what aversions you may have.)

Continuing TEF ch4 trivia from here.

He was so fucking sick of this city. )
I love you that guys came to me with youtubes and macros and gee-eye-effs and PONIES and love in your hearts for me. Thank you. Thank you so, so much.

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Time for my weekly distraction from rl! Hm, where's TEF at now? Ch7 is in round 2 of beta and ch7a is back with me for editing. I suspect I'll be making big edits to ch7a. As always, I've been delaying work on TEF, which makes me go "Grrr self" but I have been super-rl-productive today so I feel less torn up about it than I usually do! Part of the reason may be because the other night I managed to make BIG IMPORTANT NOTES about two BIG IMPORTANT CONVERSATIONS that will happen in the last chapter. The ending's been weighing heavy on my mind recently (even though I've still got 7 giant ass chapters to write before I actually get there), so it gave me a great sense of relief to get something down on paper for it. At least I have a starting point now!

Here, have another TEF trivia post. I believe we're on chapter 4?

Did you seriously already forget about that guy from the basketball team? Because that literally happened, like, five seconds ago. )
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Guh. Tired. Got too used to my naps over the weekend. MUST ENDURE.

This week's TEF trivia post for ch3.

I don’t discriminate based on gender. Does that make me a better person than you? )

These are fun, but they're really exhausting entries to make!

By the way, plugging these on [ profile] shiegra's behalf - she's got a bunch of dreamwidth codes begging for owners. Just in case anyone's interested, drop her a comment :)
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The return is bittersweet, as today the internet delivered the devastating news to me that my favorite anime director died of cancer. His work is so visually striking and layered with meaning. I'm literally heartsick and teary-eyed. R.I.P., Satoshi Kon.

On to happier news, today, you guys get more TEF trivia! (Translation: you get to indulge in my self-indulgence.)

Something I totally forgot about in the last trivia post—the chapter titles! The majority of the chapter titles for TEF are song lyrics. Ch1's titles come from two of my favorite Third Eye Blind songs, no joke, I love them to pieces. Blinded and A Good Man, respectively.

Ch2 trivia! Let's go!

'Okay, yeah, we got the memo,' Brick said, silencing his brother with a hand. 'Flowers fucking stars fucking Earth.' )


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