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That's funny. Anyway, if you haven't been here awhile, I'm answering questions on the reg at my account. Also, here's trivia for ch7!

'His problem is he's a whiny little bitch,' Brick answered. 'My problem is you're a giant fucking prick,' Butch retorted. )
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To make up for my lack of posts over the past month and to assure everyone "Yes! I am still working on TEF!" here is one line from the 1st chapter outline of part 3 (that would be ch13 when it gets posted):

i. [name withheld] can't stop thinking about the D back at home

Oh hell, here's another couple from the rest of the part 3 outline:


Aaaaaand another:

*I really hope I don't have to explain that I don't condone hitting children, but here it is: I don't condone hitting children.

Here's this weirdo exchange b/w two characters (the slash indicates I'm bouncing around two possibilities for this patch of dialogue):

1. “omg are you into chicks”/”You're into the cunny!”
2. “Well I'm def not into dudes”/”Yeah well peen has not been making a good case for itself”


(I also thought about posting some heavy stuff but I don't want you smartasses speculating and figuring out major plot points, so nyeh.)

There you have it. Oh, and stay tuned for possible chattage in May!
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Okay firstly, apologies to anyone who missed the chat! I could do another one, if folks are interested :) I'm thinking that might be a good format for an AMA in the future, too, since I don't have as much time to do the voice posts these days. If anyone's interested in that sort of thing, or just a general chat, or another round of what happened today (which was pretty much RANDOM ASS FUCKERY, tbh) let me know! Maybe I'll even do *gasp* A POLL. Haven't exercised that tag for quite some time, after all.

As for today's chat, here's some fandom-related tomfoolery, or at least what I can remember:
  • Buttercup goes to karaoke and kills it when she raps
  • But then she hands it to Blossom as a joke, who FUCKING MURDERS
  • And throws the mic at Butch's face when she finishes her killing spree
  • Blossom: *drops the mic, looks at Buttercup* Pick that up. (courtesy of [profile] philosophic_wax)
  • Buttercup and Bubbles secretly tape Blossom practicing to Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" (ft. The Dream), then overlay the tape with this audio (courtesy of [profile] xjabooo) and play it at their birthday party, much to Blossom's mortification
  • Butch laughs hysterically but gets turned on anyway MUCH TO HIS CHAGRIN
  • Brick is not turned on but instead sees this as brilliant leverage to use against her later
  • Brick is overwhelmingly the favorite RrB of those polled
  • [personal profile] busterella and [profile] quillbender win 1 million points for recognizing the significance of the chatroom's name ("Last night I had the strangest dream")
  • It seemed like a pretty dead-on tie between Him and Mojo for favorite villain
  • I put together a (v. short!) Spotify playlist of the songs that came up today here, with one bonus song. The songs relate to either one or all of the boys in some way.

I'm sure there's stuff I forgot (the chat was going a mile a millisecond, not remotely joking there), so if anybody who was present remembers something I failed to mention, feel free to yell at me about it in the comments! (Also if you shared a youtube vid or a song, please post those here in a comment! The chat was going so fast I never caught up on everything.

You guys, I had a hella good time this afternoon. I was genuinely looking forward to this chat all week and was so glad for the opportunity to hang with you! Thanks for rocking, hardcore Bubbles style. It was a total pleasure.

On a final note, "You're Next" was my favorite fucking film of 2013 and anyone else who saw it (which in the chat, I think amounted to exactly [profile] antihero_truheo) needs to come tell me so we can gush together about what a fucking fantastic movie that was. ESPECIALLY FOR LADIES WHO LIKE HORROR. FUCK YEAH.
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I saw the thing. I saw the thing five times.

Okay, that's misleading. I sat down and actually watched the thing two of those five times all the way through. The other three times it was playing in the background while I bustled about doing other things.

I really like the thing. After multiple viewings, I daresay I... love? The thing?

And referring to it as “The thing” is sending the wrong message. I really, genuinely, truly enjoyed it. I made my tea this morning, sat next to my sleeping SO, booted up the telly, and strapped in to see what they could do. And frankly, I think they did a really, really great job.

I've been noting various things all day as they come to me, so now, presented in no particular order, are some thoughts about The Powerpuff Girls Special: Dance Pantsed. )

Well! Those are my long-winded thoughts! (Some of them. Did I ever actually talk about the script? Fuck, whatever.) What did you guys think? Love it? Hate it? I must know.

(Also it seems people are totes up for a PpG chat come Super Bowl Sunday, so I'll start looking into setting it up! You guys rock.)
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I should start this off by giving a little backstory. A few years ago, I became very enamored (who am I kidding, I still am) with the idea of Him moving himself and the boys into Mojo's observatory to play the Perfect Nuclear Family Game (previously mentioned here). If I had more time/was more artistically inclined, I probably would've made a greater effort at turning this into a little webcomic of the 4-koma variety with an even further simplified art style, along the veins of [profile] iharthdarth (does anyone remember [profile] iharthdarth? JOSIE I'M LOOKING AT YOU).

I even made little notes to myself about the subject matter of various comics, including:
  • Him being terrible at laundry
  • Mojo trying to teach the boys how to play tabletop strategy games ("This is sooooOOOOO BOOOOORING" "CEASE YOUR COMPLAINING, THIS IS GOOD EVIL TRAINING FOR YOUR MINDS")
  • Him wanting Brick, who is the boy least likely to act his age, to act his age and get out more
  • Butch announcing that he wants to get something pierced
  • Or his hair dyed
  • Or styled into something hella punk rock and cool
  • Boomer's music annoying everyone
  • Him using Brick getting partnered at school with Blossom to get close to the Professor
  • Boomer inviting his band over for practice
  • Boomer bringing a puppy home
  • Him mind-controlling "inviting" Blossom to Prom with Brick and offering to chaperone with Prof U (who volunteers every year his girls are in HS because BOYS NO NEVER NO BOYS)
  • Him teasing Brick about his "crush" on Blossom
  • And Mojo, who has missed the memo that this is a joke, taking the "crush" seriously and losing his shit
... and more. Those are just the ones I happened to write down.

That's the place I was coming from when I made the Tangled post above (well I'll link it again here for your ref) and, well, now I'm making another one, because I saw Frozen this winter holiday and, while not without its problems, it was still an incredibly bright spot for me in an emotionally taxing two weeks (if you're curious, Bitch Flicks' review touches on what I appreciated about the film), and because Boomer and Him would've eaten that shit up like candy. SWEET, DELICIOUS, DISNEY-PRINCESS-IFIED CANDY. Much to the chagrin of every other body in the observatory. Especially Brick.

I mean... )

That about sums up what has made listening to the Frozen soundtrack so entertaining for me lately. Next time on More Reasons Demonstrating That SBJ is on Crack, the entirety of Townsville singing "What Makes You Beautiful" to Buttercup, spurred on by Bubbles. With alternate takes!

Happy New Year, everyone! Cheers.
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To the anon who requested playlists, still working on it! For the time being you can check out the aural pleasures tag for a small smattering of songs I use for inspiration/associate with various characters/pairings/scenarios.

Anyway, ch6a trivia! LJ's new way of displaying lj-cuts still pisses me off, so if you want a less ugly looking page like me, just click on the title of this entry to pull all the trivia up.

'That reminds me, when is the strangling supposed to be happening?' Boomer queried. 'Can I pencil you in at five? You've gotta give me some time to unpack first.' )
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Continuing on from yesterday's post!

'Dude.' He gaped. 'Buttercup, your arms are so cut I'm not even staring at your tits.' )

OKAY I'M SORRY BUT I'LL HAVE TO CONTINUE THIS AGAIN LATER. Wear a PpG shirt today! We can be twinsies! Or tripletsies! (I'm rocking Blossom today. Don't leave me hanging.)
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But some talk about PpG/RrB physiology first! )

Really. Thank you. ♥

Another aside before I start banging out some trivia! I'm sure most of you are aware (if not, well, I guess I'm a bigger nerd than you) that CTN recently celebrated their 20th anniversary, and commissioned I Love Dust (based in London) to animate this lovely 2-minute bumper for them.

I think they did lovely work (although I missed the thick line quality when it went into that black-and-white segment; Dexter was just missing that certain je ne sais quoi to his look) and still can't believe how much my chest literally - literally - swells when I hear that little bursty sfx that is the Girls taking off or in flight. A whole decade+ later and I'm still so affected by so small a thing.

This, truly, is what it means to be a complete, utter PpG fan!dork.

Well. To further expound upon that. ETA: You guys, I totally forgot the Beach Chapter was up next for trivia. Oh, God. This is going to be fun.

Some of the boys later claimed a chorus of Hallelujah had echoed in the skies at first sight of Buttercup's toned stomach. Others argued the music didn't start until the shirt had passed into higher, holier territory. )

OKAY YOU KNOW WHAT I will have to continue this later! Stay cool, everyone. Wear condoms. Don't do drugs. TYFYT
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Just let me find 565 words to get rid of.

I just want to axe 565 words.

Not even half a page.

Just 565 words.

That's all.

(I am determined to edit this down in the interest of getting the story to flow and move faster. I know I can do it! It's a freaking 91 page document; there's definitely material that can be whittled down!)

ETA: Well, that's annoying. The charger on my writing netbook just died. Replacement will be here Saturday, and until then I'll have to work on my geriatric dinosaur of a laptop. BOOOOOOO to aggravated workflow!


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