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Hence, SONG!POST. I'd say this is my "unorthodox pairings song!post!" except it's still got some Red in there (albeit AU) as well as Bubbles loving life and the Girls being generally awesome, so... no, nothing here is really out of the ordinary for me. (Also includes Bubbles/Princess, Bubbles/Brick, Sedusa/Professor, and Mitch/Buttercup.)

Anyway, we'll get the boring Reds one out of the way first. )

As always, if you adore any of these, I highly encourage you to purchase the songs from the actual artists. Download links are provided for preview purposes only.

Let me know what you think and what you love :)
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I'd been meaning to write something centered on the Professor for a while and this popped into my head a few months ago. It's still only peripherally centered on him, but I liked getting to tinker with a different set of characters for a change. (I'd love to do a Mojo-centric piece, if I can ever get his speech patterns right.)

This wound up being longer than I intended. When I first came up with the idea it had a little length, but when I finally sat down to write it I thought I'd keep it small, like a 500-word drabble or something. Er, close enough. I'm happy enough with it.

I also originally considered writing it in 2nd person, but thought the voice would get tiring if carried on for too long. Anyway. Without further ado.

Title: A Nice Guy
Pairing: Professor/Sedusa (as Ima)
Rating: PG-13 for implied adult hugs
Parts: One-shot
Disclaimer: Nobody ever writes fic about these two! Oh wait, I mean, I don't own them.
Summary: She isn't used to guys like this.
Notes: Takes place within the season 1 ep "Mommy Fearest." My take on what happened during the Professor and Sedusa's/Ima Goodlady's date. Un-beta'd.

a nice guy. 1,306 words. )


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