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Old(ish) TEF-related Dialogue Vomit

I was cleaning up and found a paper scrap on which I'd written some TEF endgame notes (some really awful shit too, eurgh) as well as some stuff that I know can't get worked into TEF proper, but it was stuck in my head for long enough that I wanted to unload it.

I imagine this is a conversation that happened between the boys at some point while they were at JS, Inc. This is straight-up unedited word vomit that came out of my brain. (Setup: The boys don't usually do cases requiring any sort of cover. It's kind of a moot point for them. Mostly between Boomer and Brick. Butch is dicking around, probably eating his weight's worth in chicken fried steak or some shit like that. Also, this was written sometime last year, hence Brick's dig at the Boy Scouts.)

BOOMER: Why can't we have a cover?
BRICK: We don't need a cover.
BOOMER: Fine, I need it. For my emotional satisfaction. Of course we don't need it. I just think it'd be fun. Next time I wanna do one. We could be selling newspapers, or Boy Scout cookies.
BRICK: Those are Girl Scouts, dumbass.
BOOMER: What the fuck do Boy Scouts sell, then?
BRICK: I dunno. Homophobia?
BOOMER: Lame. Girls always get cool stuff.
BRICK: Yeah. Like pregnant. And periods.
BOOMER: Are you kidding? They spit blood for a week without dying. That's some rockstar shit right there.
BRICK: I'm pretty sure it's just biology. Anyway, you're full of shit. You don't wanna be a girl. Shut up.
BOOMER: I do too wanna be a girl. Penises are fucking ugly. They have cute little vaggies.
BRICK: Oh my God.
BOOMER: Vaggies are cute. I'm into that.
BUTCH: Ha! "Into vaginas."
BOOMER: ... Maybe I wouldn't wanna be a girl. Then I'd have to put up with getting hit on by shitheads like Butch.
BUTCH: Bitch, like you'd be my type.

I'm sorry I haven't been around much, but rest assured I'm still working on TEF! I know it's slow going, but thanks for being patient with me. It brings me no small amount of joy to track the tag on tumblr and see all the recs and fanart spilling out into the Internet ether. I would be working on TEF anyway, but seeing the enthusiasm for it does wonders for my motivation like you wouldn't believe. I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU ALL SO MUCH ♥

In my limited downtime I've been working on breaking down my playlists for each couple, so for any interested parties, you have that to look forward to. Blues are up first :) (I may cheat and throw a couple of Greens songs that have been consuming my ears on a near 24/7 basis lately.)

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