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That's funny. Anyway, if you haven't been here awhile, I'm answering questions on the reg at my account. Also, here's trivia for ch7!

'His problem is he's a whiny little bitch,' Brick answered. 'My problem is you're a giant fucking prick,' Butch retorted. )
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Eons ago I promised an entry breaking down my massive TEF/PpG/RrB playlists. Today I am following through! Kind of! With (most of) the Blues, at least! )

Even though I don't quite listen to music with the ear for “Would this fit a character/pairing?!” the way I used to, the possibility exists that these playlists may get updated from time to time if I hear something that happens to fit.

Of course, if you lovely folks have any Blues songs you'd like to recommend, please do! I love listening to the playlists you all come up with :)

ETA: P, one of my favorite peoples of all time, wrote me birthday fic! Specifically, Reds!birthday fic! Featuring blushing and angries and shirts! Go read and lavish all the love upon her!
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I often do little "exercises" in my head where I think of either a situation or a line and then imagine how each character would respond to it. This particular instance was heavily influenced by my devouring of the first season of Scandal, which is pulpy drama!cakes well-written monologue-y fun. (As Grey's was for most of its first two seasons, but I digress.)

The line "Take it off" burrowed into my brain - not a particularly groundbreaking line; it never has to be - and I thought about how it would sound coming out of each character (in this case, either one of the PpG or RrB) and subsequently how their "partner" would react. I quickly discarded the idea of any of the boys saying it, because that gets into weird, creepy, uncomfortable territory - it doesn't have to, of course, but my ideal scenario in any of those cases results in the girls immediately turning the situation on its head and, you know, beating the shit out of the dudes, because the implication of that line coming out of the boys immediately connotes some sort of power they (he) has over them (her), and I don't fancy that shit, frankly. Not only that, but it gets way more interesting when the agency is shifted from the dude to the lady. For me, anyway. And I think that also does a much better job of keeping the general spirit of the show.

(This isn't to say I could've played with it, I could've made "Take it off" sound like an innuendo or a reference to the song by The Donnas, but the point is, what is the first thing you think of when a situation opens with a guy saying "Take it off?" Yeah. I'd rather avoid that entirely.)

Compared to the line coming out of the guys, which all resulted in the same scenario three times for me, when I turned it into a line coming out of the girls, I got three very different scenarios, and they all conveyed different things about each character. Coming out of Bubbles, it sounded playful, and when Boomer heard it, he reacted with embarrassed confusion. Coming out of Buttercup, it was either mumbled or almost an afterthought, sans eye contact, and when Butch heard it, he immediately said "'Kay," and practically jettisoned the clothes from his body. (This was followed by an indignant Buttercup going "THAT WASN'T WHAT I FUCKING MEANT PERV-O, I'M TRYING TO DO LAUNDRY AND YOU'VE BEEN WEARING THAT SHIRT FOR FOUR DAYS.") Coming out of Blossom, it was reluctant but authoritative, and when Brick heard it, he went through this DEEP INTERNAL STRUGGLE before biting his lip in subdued shame and starting with his shirt. And all of those are WAAAAAY more interesting than anything I could've written with the line coming out of the guy.

What followed was an actual writing exercise, just to purge and play, basically. Like I said, I'd been binging on Scandal and felt the need to write something a little pulpy and drama!cakes-y and monologue-y and fun, so I spit this out yesterday. Though I probably could, I don't have any intentions of turning it into full-fledged fic; I have more pressing writing concerns. But you Reds fans might like it.

This should also give you an idea of what my rough drafts look like; this was written in basically one go (maybe an hour and a half?) with minimal editing.

Take it off. )

Now, if I were to go back and treat this as a piece I was going to turn into an actual fic, here's what I would probably fix, right off the top of my head:
  • The beginning. There's several things that aren't working in the beginning, and given that I just sat down and started writing it, you can see that it kind of takes awhile for the story to "settle" and fall into a comfortable place. A lot of the story feels kind of forced to me, especially in the beginning. It gives off the impression of trying too hard. Where I think it finally falls into place is probably around the time Blossom mentions the Professor, and where it actually gets good for me is during Blossom's monologue (the 2nd one, about what how Brick broke things).
  • The mention of the Professor, incidentally, is also the point where Brick's voice shifts. He's way too smarmy in the beginning, which doesn't help. He sounds like the Brick I would've written in my late teens or early twenties, instead of the sullen dickbutt I'm more likely to write now. I also think he reads much better that way; I can pick up practically any book involving a couple or a relationship and find some smarmy jackass with an all-too-punchable face in it.
  • Blossom's whole mini-bar thing throughout. I want her actions there to mirror the build I'm going for in the story; I want her to be doing something slightly different every time. (Something that wound up not getting written even though it was in my head was her discovering that the glasses at the mini-bar were too dusty to drink out of, so she has to go to the kitchen to get a clean one. That indicates things about her character (e.g., Buttercup probably would've just blown off the dust or wiped it out with her shirt) and things about the mini-bar, too, which indicate even more things about her character.) There's threads of it there, but they don't hang together as well as I would like.
  • Speaking of, I was also on the fence about implying that the mini-bar had been Brick's idea in the first place. I liked the idea of Blossom claiming it and taking ownership of it, even if she didn't really want to/didn't drink.
  • And, of course, some general word choice, tidying up, etc., etc. Would've pulled out the fourth wall break ("never mind what he thought") and re-worked the "Maybe. Hopefully." part; I think I do that particular construction very often in my stories and would've wanted to find a different way to write that that would have the same effect.
  • Finally, I would've built up the disparity of control between the two throughout the course of the story. It's kind of there, with Blossom at the mini-bar, but Brick does not have anything equal he is doing. He kind of looks around some, but whereas I wanted Blossom to become more confident and controlled each time we "cut" to her at the bar (despite her alcohol consumption, though really, the X in her system would be taking care of it), I wanted Brick to become more uncomfortable. He doesn't like not being in control, and it's pretty clear by the end he has no control over the situation even though he walked in thinking he did. Reading back over it, I want him fidgeting more, avoiding eye contact, fixating on little details like the straps on her shoes by the door and how she wore those the last time they went out when they were together. That sort of shit, you know. That sort of build would make him fumbling at the first button of his shirt much more significant.

I could probably tweak it all day given the chance - hell, I could tweak anything all day - but that's what I would likely start with.
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I came across this fantastic vid by way of two other vids (there's a boring story here, kids, so settle in!). A couple of days ago I got an itch to see what Kaba Modern, who I've generally considered my fave dance group even though I haven't kept up with anything they've done since ABDC, had been up to in recent years (a friend first introduced me to their work ~2007). I don't think I've mentioned it before; KM basically served as inspiration for Blossom's style of hip hop choreography in my head during the (later) formative years of TEF. I always envisioned her choreo to be very technical, precise, and detail-oriented, something that always really struck me about KM's work. I watched this performance of theirs pretty much every free second I had for most of 2007 and 2008.

Anyway, back to the present. I looked up a recent performance of theirs and (happily) discovered Vibe XIX had just gone down a month ago (side note, holy crap Vibe has a tumblr, not sure why this surprises me since everyone sans me has a tumblr these days). Watching their performance led me to search for who took 1st home this year, which was Academy of Villains, and fuck, they put on a hell of a show. Can't argue with them winning.

But watching them got me interested in who else had placed, which led me to the stunning number put on by The Company, who took 2nd. And... well, I basically haven't watched anything beyond this vid, because when I start to think about watching another performance, I find I kinda... just want to watch this one again. Over and over. Because it's pitch perfect inspiration for Blossom for me.

There's the very technical and detail-oriented aspect of it, of course - that's going to be a given with most dance groups that place in competitions - but what elevates this one for me is this understated sensuality about the performance that feels very much in line with Blossom's character. [personal profile] juxtaposie remarked to me early on in TEF that dance felt so perfect for Blossom as a means of expressing herself. There's the technical side of it, of course, but then there's also the saying about dance being a vertical expression of a horizontal desire. Which, well. Really fits Blossom for me, especially when you take into account the idea that Blossom has this subconscious want to repress her sexuality, because she doesn't have the time/it's distracting/there's more important things to attend to, etc., etc.. But, of course, there's always dance.

That's all the stuff that goes through my head when I watch The Company's performance at Vibe XIX.

So if anyone out there wanted an idea of what Blossom's hip hop group choreo looks like in my head, you should basically just watch this video over and over. In fact, here is a wider angle on it, though I highly recommend watching the front row one linked above first. (The wider angle gives you a better idea of how tight their formations and transitions are.) God. I can't wait to finish writing this entry so I can go watch this video another five times before bed.

For shits and giggles, here's Academy of Villains' performance (much more of a "show," which made it a big crowd-pleaser) and KM's (still good, buuuuuuut pretty dull in comparison to the winners).

Oh man, guys. It's so good. Watch it and please do let me know what you think.
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Stupid body keeps alternating between "Hey, you're feeling great!" and "HAHA FUCK YOU COUGH FOREVER NON-STOP MWAHAHAHAHA" which has really put a damper on several things, including putting together actual playlists to share for Sunday's chat.

So my apologies on that front. I had really wanted to get those done because I somehow doubt my ability to remain interesting in a conversation beyond the five-minute mark. Another time, another post! (Apologies to the few folks who asked for playlists, like, eleventy billion years ago. Hope another eleventy-billion-year-wait is okay!)

Just so no one feels completely disappointed in the failure of my physical person (seriously, FUCK THIS IMMUNE SYSTEM RIGHT NOW, I constantly put food in you and have actually been getting sleep lately, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME BODY), because some folks seem very interested in sbj the person and because sbj the person is kind of a LURK-MYSTERIOUSLY-IN-THE-SHADOWS-FOREVER kinda lady, I decided to commission one of the few folks who has met me in person to draw a--and I am quoting myself here--"'me' avatar/icon/whatever the hip word for those things is these days." BECAUSE I AM ONE WITH THE YOUNG PEOPLE.

Check out her far-too-gorgeous rendition of me being my typical obsessive crazy self here.

(Trivia: the other option [profile] yssa proposed was me surrounded by cake. Which is a completely accurate depiction of my ultimate goal in life, next to fangirling the PpG forever and someday owning a pair of Christian Louboutins.)

And now to appease my body with gifts of hydration and activity that won't involve me staring down at a screen and giving myself neck pains! Everybody enjoy your Lunar New Year!
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(I originally wanted to title this entry "My ass is for sitting, not for kissing." (I've been watching a lot of Golden Era Simpsons lately.))

People are into doing a chat come Super Bowl Sunday, so let's do a chat! I mis-typed last week; rather than a livechat I'm just going to set up an old-school chatroom. I'm totally stealing [personal profile] busterella's established technique and am going to set up a room at, then I'll post a link to it the day of, probably sometime around the pre-game talk. So I'll be in the room probably around 3p-3:30p US PST. I may try to set up another time so any folks who can't hang out around then will have a chance to nerd out as well; I'll let you guys know if that can actually happen. Again, no concrete goal in mind! Mostly shooting the shit. Someone asked if I'd answer questions, and to that I say Sure! Why the hell not?

Someone else waaaaay back when asked about additional playlists, and so I've made it a personal goal to also get some playlists set up in time for next week's chat. They'll probably be through Spotify; I'll aim to post the links by Saturday. This'll include my (SUPER OLD AND POSSIBLY OUTDATED) PpG/RrB playlists (maaaaybe my small Bubbles/Princess playlist) and a Fight! playlist for sure. Time permitting, I might even get into character-specific playlists, but a lot of times I've just lumped them into the ship!playlists, mostly out of laziness.

If anyone out there doesn't have a Spotify account and wants to avoid setting it up through their Facebook acct, I recommend the signup technique here :)

Looking forward to chatting next Sunday!
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I saw the thing. I saw the thing five times.

Okay, that's misleading. I sat down and actually watched the thing two of those five times all the way through. The other three times it was playing in the background while I bustled about doing other things.

I really like the thing. After multiple viewings, I daresay I... love? The thing?

And referring to it as “The thing” is sending the wrong message. I really, genuinely, truly enjoyed it. I made my tea this morning, sat next to my sleeping SO, booted up the telly, and strapped in to see what they could do. And frankly, I think they did a really, really great job.

I've been noting various things all day as they come to me, so now, presented in no particular order, are some thoughts about The Powerpuff Girls Special: Dance Pantsed. )

Well! Those are my long-winded thoughts! (Some of them. Did I ever actually talk about the script? Fuck, whatever.) What did you guys think? Love it? Hate it? I must know.

(Also it seems people are totes up for a PpG chat come Super Bowl Sunday, so I'll start looking into setting it up! You guys rock.)
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Would anyone be interested in a livechat or summat?

I was talking with [personal profile] busterella recently about how distanced I feel from fellow fans these days - largely my own doing, since lj is not where fandom hangs these days and I refuse to succumb and get a tumblr - and she suggested starting up a chatroom, thus eliciting an "omg duh" reaction from me.

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up in a couple of weeks, so I was thinking of doing it then, if I do it. (Sunday, 2/2/14, 3:30pm US PST. I'll have the game on, but I rarely sit down and watch a game. I like to have it on in the background while I do other stuff.) No concrete goal in mind, other than to hang out and shoot the shit about PpG or TEF or movies or the actual football game or, you know, whatever.

So yeah. If you're into the idea, let me know!

And thank you to [personal profile] busterella for the suggestion. U DA BEST
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I should start this off by giving a little backstory. A few years ago, I became very enamored (who am I kidding, I still am) with the idea of Him moving himself and the boys into Mojo's observatory to play the Perfect Nuclear Family Game (previously mentioned here). If I had more time/was more artistically inclined, I probably would've made a greater effort at turning this into a little webcomic of the 4-koma variety with an even further simplified art style, along the veins of [profile] iharthdarth (does anyone remember [profile] iharthdarth? JOSIE I'M LOOKING AT YOU).

I even made little notes to myself about the subject matter of various comics, including:
  • Him being terrible at laundry
  • Mojo trying to teach the boys how to play tabletop strategy games ("This is sooooOOOOO BOOOOORING" "CEASE YOUR COMPLAINING, THIS IS GOOD EVIL TRAINING FOR YOUR MINDS")
  • Him wanting Brick, who is the boy least likely to act his age, to act his age and get out more
  • Butch announcing that he wants to get something pierced
  • Or his hair dyed
  • Or styled into something hella punk rock and cool
  • Boomer's music annoying everyone
  • Him using Brick getting partnered at school with Blossom to get close to the Professor
  • Boomer inviting his band over for practice
  • Boomer bringing a puppy home
  • Him mind-controlling "inviting" Blossom to Prom with Brick and offering to chaperone with Prof U (who volunteers every year his girls are in HS because BOYS NO NEVER NO BOYS)
  • Him teasing Brick about his "crush" on Blossom
  • And Mojo, who has missed the memo that this is a joke, taking the "crush" seriously and losing his shit
... and more. Those are just the ones I happened to write down.

That's the place I was coming from when I made the Tangled post above (well I'll link it again here for your ref) and, well, now I'm making another one, because I saw Frozen this winter holiday and, while not without its problems, it was still an incredibly bright spot for me in an emotionally taxing two weeks (if you're curious, Bitch Flicks' review touches on what I appreciated about the film), and because Boomer and Him would've eaten that shit up like candy. SWEET, DELICIOUS, DISNEY-PRINCESS-IFIED CANDY. Much to the chagrin of every other body in the observatory. Especially Brick.

I mean... )

That about sums up what has made listening to the Frozen soundtrack so entertaining for me lately. Next time on More Reasons Demonstrating That SBJ is on Crack, the entirety of Townsville singing "What Makes You Beautiful" to Buttercup, spurred on by Bubbles. With alternate takes!

Happy New Year, everyone! Cheers.
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To the anon who requested playlists, still working on it! For the time being you can check out the aural pleasures tag for a small smattering of songs I use for inspiration/associate with various characters/pairings/scenarios.

Anyway, ch6a trivia! LJ's new way of displaying lj-cuts still pisses me off, so if you want a less ugly looking page like me, just click on the title of this entry to pull all the trivia up.

'That reminds me, when is the strangling supposed to be happening?' Boomer queried. 'Can I pencil you in at five? You've gotta give me some time to unpack first.' )


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