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I went digging through my files for a potential TEF!tfr post to share but wound up stumbling upon something I had almost completely forgotten existed.

This thing is from 2004. I remember what was going on back then! ... I think. Yes! I had just finished Swordplay and was sort of thinking I was really going to get back into the swing of this writing thing! And then I got all excited! Like, "Hm! If I start writing a whole bunch, I might need a second beta!" And then I was all, "You know what I should do? I should make a beta application."

Let me 'splain. At the time I was heavy into lurking in the HP fandom, like 10,000% lurking, you guys. And one of the more prominent websites was big enough to have a beta list resource (!!!) and it had an actual beta application that you would have to fill out in order to qualify for the list. I thought, 'Damn, that's a great idea. I should do that!'

Well, I went through 75% of the rigmarole necessary to put an application together, then decided against it, because I realized the PpG fandom simply isn't big enough to pool resources like that (pft, what was I thinking) and I was better off just asking who would be available. And - luckily, for me - it worked out fantastically :)

(In the interest of full disclosure this application was largely inspired by the original beta application for the now-defunct Veela, Inc. website.)

Note: I originally was going to provide two segments to beta - one very poorly written one, and another decent segment of writing. Well, I gave up on this app before I got the decent segment down. But I hope the poorly written one amuses you!


So, all ye of the interested party… )


I don't remember how it felt to write that segment but it probably hurt my brain at the time. Now it's just hilarious!

Ultimately, I think I speak for all of us when I say WOW AIM, REMEMBER THAT?
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for anyone who was curious, or even keeping track, i dropped robin/beast boy from the to-do list due to time. i may do it in the future, just not for this challenge :)

for [ profile] dangerpronered, who i should thank for being so patient!

title: conditioning
author: songbirdjen
rating: g
summary: raven decides she needs a bit of training in the "hand-to-hand" combat category, and who better to help her out than robin? robin/raven
spoilers: maybe a slight one for "fear itself."
notes: my last fic for [ profile] memlu's v-day fic challenge :) also my longest @_@ nearly broke 1000 with this one...

conditioning (995 words) )
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[ profile] dangerpronered, i will get around to your robin/raven soon, i promise :)

title: reception
author: songbirdjen
rating: pg
summary: starfire thinks it'd be nice if someone had as much interest in her customs as she does in everyone else's. mild star/robin & star/terra (didn't wind up completely star/terra; i'm not competent -_-)
spoilers: erm, for the episode "terra"
notes: entirely 3rd person narrative, present tense (yes, i'm a big fan of the present tense), no dialogue.

reception (799 words) )
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title: empathy
author: songbirdjen, aka jen
rating: pg
summary: understanding your enemy could make all the difference, and yet none at the same time. raven/slade (the ambiguity makes up for the coupling, i swear)
spoilers: nonexistent
notes: it just came to me, deliberately ambiguous and vague. semi-abstract? oh, but do critique :) also, still taking requests for unconventional pairings.

empathy (643 words) )
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obligatory info
title: honey as a metaphor
author: t’would be [ profile] songbirdjen
rating: pretty much g. maybe pg. gpg?
summary: raven attempts to teach beast boy how to make tea. i’ll let you figure out what’s inherently wrong with that concept.
spoilers: ahoy, there be none.

other info that isn’t quite obligatory but you’d probably like to know anyway
pairing: beast boy/raven
requested by: [ profile] mariko_azrael
genre: uh, where does this go? general ambiguous fluff, perhaps?
disclaimer: don’t own ‘em, don’t sue me.
notes: written for [ profile] mariko_azrael for [ profile] memlu’s feb. challenge. still taking requests. unconventional pairings a PLUS :D

written in present-tense, un-beta’ed and spun off the top of my head in the hours i have between classes on campus. henceforth, more than likely somewhat OOC. stupid symbolic type of metaphor because i’m dumb like that. happy ending per request, though it may be semi-ambiguous depending on how badly *cough* well i pulled it off.

Honey as a Metaphor (791 words) )
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wound up writing--well, finishing--a teen titans fic i started approximately 2 or 3 months ago this morning. that's me saying to my essay for asian american studies, fugg off.

. . . i'm doomed. that essay replaces my final *groan*

well, hopefully this will give me something to sing about, though.

might as well put those writing skills to use elsewhere )


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