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TEF Word Count: 68,302
TEF Page Count: 124 pages
TEF Factoid #21: One of the boys knows what contra body movement is.

... Who could it be. *LOOK OF EVIL*

So this week was a pretty epic week for the amount of work I did, which was all on the first chapter of the first part of TEF. I'm very close. Maybe about... I said 50% last time? 75% now. Man, if I could have another kickass week this week although that's not entirely likely that would be AWESOME.

Also, meme.

100 Questions about the Blues: 1-10

100 Questions about the Blues: 11-20 )

100 Questions about the Greens: Complete

I have also been googling you regularly. So far my efforts have been for naught.


Nov. 9th, 2008 05:41 pm
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My progress. Let me show you it.

TEF Word Count: 63,792
TEF Page Count: 116 pages
TEF Factoid #20: Allow me to fill you in on how many chapters I'm planning for this thing. Let's see... the entire story will be a total of nineteen chapters split into three parts, more or less. At least that many chapters, that is. This totally counts as a factoid, doesn't it?

Expect something like a totally fucking rejected post or a take on another meme, starring the Blues or the Reds this time, at some point this week. Er, maybe.

I'm still nowhere close to making the original deadline I proposed when I spouted all that shit about finishing the first part by September. Obviously I didn't make that, since it is way fucking past September, and I'm still working on the first chapter of the first part. It's maybe... 50% done? (Oh God, it looks pathetic when I type that out.) So my revised goal is to get it 100% done by end of this month and fire it off to beta. BETAAAAAA. That puts a definite cramp on how much time I originally expected I'd have to write at this point... but that's what I get for not working as hard back in September *pout*.


I still haven't figured out where this one went :(
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But at least I got the house pretty clean. That stove was due, let me tell you.

TEF Word Count: 61,280
TEF Page Count: 111 pages
TEF Factoid #19: One boy and one girl are totally... er, "coerced" into cooperating with each other. I KNOW I'M ORIGINAL AREN'T I.

Who might it be?!

Oh geez, I gotta bust some ass on this thing. I've been so crazy swamped at work that I haven't had time to write! That is a very depressing thing for me.

HEY IT WAS HALLOWEEN THIS WEEKEND. Hope everyone enjoyed it :D
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[ profile] go_google_me, whatever has happened to you, I hope you are okay. You've got a good handful of us here worried. :C

It was a good week for fic work, you guys (not counting that I still need to revise what's-its-face that will someday get posted). I'm hoping to break 60,000 words by end of day!

TEF Word Count: 59,732
TEF Page Count: 109 pages
TEF Factoid #18: I swear I'm going to run out of factoids to drop before this GD thing ever gets posted. Three known enemies (so far) make appearances.

So, [ profile] go_google_me, we'll see you soon, yes?
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A less productive weekend than I hoped. Last week's list still pending! (God I suck and I am sorry.)

New development that I am conflicted about: more side!fic. Which is great and all, but highly distracting me from TEF. And just when I got my mojo going on TEF, personal commitments took me away from writing. Dammit. Hopefully... Hell, I'll just keep my fingers crossed. I WILL MAKE MY DEADLINE, I SWEAR IT.

Maybe for my birthday I should just cut myself off from the outside world and write my ass off. There are weekends where I actually consider that the ideal way to spend my time, because I am weird and nerdy.

TEF Word Count: 57,020
TEF Page Count: 104 pages
TEF Factoid #17: Dammit. UM. UM. Let me check my notes. Two of the girls end relationships throughout the course of the story.

Now, on the flip side, this is how much side!fic happened.

Sidefic Word Count: 1,426

DAMMIT SIDEFIC. (And this is different sidefic than the one I made false promises about weeks ago though I am still planning on posting it SOMETIME THIS CENTURY, PERHAPS.)



Kiss With A Fist - Florence and the Machine

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Well, maybe only 25%. Because I still have these things to do:

1) Tweak sidefic (I'M SORRY OK I KNOW I KNOW)
2) Reply to [ profile] juxtaposie's post about stuff (SEE #1 PARENTHETICAL).
3) Leave comments/reviews for stuff like this and THIS. Keeping in mind I am not typically a fan of AU because of some personal weirdness, but maybe that's just because fanfic in general is terrible, AU especially and I unfairly single the genre out. BABBLE.

BUT! I did work on TEF this weekend! And after this hellish work week things at The Job should be back on track and not SOUL-CRUSHING, so fic things should progress as normal.

Hey people I want to see how this ends; the rock thing was a joke you know :C

TEF Word Count: 56,568
TEF Page Count: 103 pages
TEF Factoid #16: ER. There's, um, karaoke at one point. Maybe two points. (Shut up, I promise it's awesome. Or at least not boring.)

So here's to recovering bit by bit, even if it's by 25% increments. It kinda floors me to step back and recognize that I'm actually writing this beast. I figured this would always be one of those crazy things that stayed in my head. Except the 103 pages on my laptop tells me otherwise.

Pray I manage to make it not suck!
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GUYS. GUYS. I MEAN, SERIOUSLY. There is fic everywhere you guys, seriously. Amazingness much? Go check out [ profile] go_google_me, [ profile] aerodactylus, and [ profile] juxtaposie for the fic.

Myself, I fired one off to the lovely [ profile] mathkid for beta this weekend :D

(Speaking of betas, [ profile] cagalli_chan, you better be okay D: I scrolled through about eleventy billion photos of Ike's impact on Texas and was dumstruck. So dumstruck I forgot the 'b,' both times.)

So in addition to side!fic, I got some bigass work done on TEF. Um, that is deceiving. It was not bigass work. But it was work. Aaaaand was a v. significant part of the story. SO SIGNIFICANT. Um, sort of.

... 8D!

Seriously, it was a wonderful surprise for me to get as much work done on TEF as I did, since I started on side!fic Thursday and then felt exhausted and resigned myself to the idea of not working on TEF at all. AND THEN IT HAPPENED. So this should make up for my atrocious progress last week.

TEF Word Count: 55, 581
TEF Page Count: 102 pages
TEF Factoid #15: Two of them are AR-TEESTS.

I want to sign off with a cheesy line, like "So long and thanks for all the fic ;D" but I hoped I would have more dignity than that.
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TEF Word Count: 52,869
TEF Page Count: 97 pages
TEF Factoid #14: Oh Jesus guys, I seriously can't keep coming up with these... THERE'S A BEACH INVOLVED, AT SOME POINT.

Have you read this yet? Seriously! Get on that!
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Got an eensy amount more work done this weekend. Would've preferred more (then again, that's always the case), and last night I hit one of those points where I spit out a line I really, really like, yet if I leave it in it's totally going to change the character of where this is going, and so I'm at that stage where I want to leave it in!!! but know it likely won't survive a revision. Sigh.

I'm wondering about this end of September goal to finish the first draft of Part I. I guess I have it mapped out kind of - no, I definitely have it well enough mapped out to do a first draft. I keep having to tweak things slightly; I guess that's to be expected. It's certainly been helpful, though, whenever I sit down with the intention of writing something. One of the bullet points always jumps out at me, and if I manage to churn out just a little bit I feel fairly accomplished. Anyway, for now end of September it is! (Mind you, that is not a posting date.)

TEF Word Count: 51,007
TEF Page Count: 94 pages
TEF Factoid #13: There's a one year anniversary involved.

Dammit, I need to parse these out. I'm running out of factoids D:
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So I kinda sorta got the second part of TEF outlined. It seems way skimpier than the first, but I didn't get quite as detailed with the events in Part II, plus Part I involves a lot of setup anyway... Bah, enough of that! I've pretty much done what I can with what I've got so far! God damn. I should do outlines more often! (At least for epic fics that I never write.) It makes it way easier to get myself to sit down and write something when I've got a semi-TO DO list going to guilt me into doing so. Plus a self-imposed deadline that I'm actually trying to enforce. Man. This never happens. What's wrong with me? D:

Of course, I still have to outline the entire Part III, the bare bones outline of which is not even started. Not likely to happen this week, though; I think I'm going to focus on actually... holy crap. I can't believe I'm saying this. Finishing up Part I.


I might actually finish something, HOMG. That's insane. I mean, I still need to fine tune some things, and make, like, transitions and shit, but wow. (This is totally not how I've ever worked before, and I'm literally SHOCKED at how... gratifying this feeling is!)

So... goal for September? Finish (OMG OMG OMG) Part I of TEF. And then fire it off to beta.


TEF Word Count: 49,560
TEF Page Count: 92 pages

And, in honor of one of my favorite artist's most recent album,
TEF Factoid #10: They sing.
TEF Factoid #11: They dance.
TEF Factoid #12: They steal things.

Totally 100% true :D

Also, obligatory ordering of everyone to hightail it over to [ profile] go_google_me's lj for Inhibition pt. 5. You have no excuse.


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