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I think I mentioned so before, but it bears repeating and further embellishment: these were ridiculously fun to write. Some more obviously so than others.

There did wind up being a little bit of a narrative connection between a few of them, and a lot of them reference little things in the show, so if you catch those... um, basically I love you and am crazy proud to know you. FELLOW WINNER. (Edit: Bonus points if you are able to name all the songs in one of them. You'll probably know when you hit it.) (Edit the second: Extra life if you can name whose flapjacks the Professor is referring to.)

Valentine 2011 requests! ROLL 'EM. )

A pre-emptive Happy Valentine's Day to you all ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Feb. 11th, 2011 07:59 pm
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Did a bunch of work on the Valentines today. Wound up totally fucking rejecting this Valentine. If you're familiar with the way I write my couples you can probably guess who this is from.


You lost your bow in our last fight.

Well, I took it. Your bow. Formerly yours. Now it’s mine. Forever. And you can’t ever have it back.

Because I hate you.

(Day is insignificant.)


These have been fun so far!

Requests for Valentines are still open :) Please read the rules before you make your request!
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To make it easier on me to keep track, here's a list of what has been requested of me so far. If you gave me two characters and left it to my discretion you'll see I've already selected from whom to whom for most of them. This way in case anybody wants to request something going the other way involving those two characters, you still have the opportunity to :) (And yes, it would appear I am doing all of these, as they are turning out to be quite short.)

[personal profile] juxtaposie - Boomer → Bubbles
[personal profile] busterella - Bubbles → Princess
[personal profile] busterella - Snake → Ms. Keane
[personal profile] busterella - Mojo → ???*
[personal profile] busterella - Professor → ???*
[personal profile] busterella - Belladonna → Ace
[profile] ancilla_jokes - Buttercup → Butch
[profile] ancilla_jokes - Professor ←/→ Girls
[profile] ancilla_jokes - Robin → Professor
[profile] getcape_fly - Blossom → Brick
[profile] the_audren_file - Buttercup → Brick
[profile] xxlonelyxgrlxx - Brick → Bubbles
[profile] thisoldhighway - Butch → Buttercup
[profile] demon_bird - Ms. Bellum → Fuzzy Lumpkins
Anonymous - Brick → Blossom
[profile] quillbender - Boomer → Buttercup
[personal profile] spfizz - Ace → Buttercup
[personal profile] laleia - Bubbles → Mojo
[profile] philosophicwax - Boomer → Brick (Philly I love you)
[profile] philosophicwax - Him → Mayor
Anonymous - Bubbles → Brick

*I have already decided who the recipient is, but am refraining from sharing lest I spoil the surprise. If you happen to request the character I have in mind for either of these then I will just ask you to pick someone else ;)

If you are just now joining the party, I am celebrating the successful recovery of my writing files (WHOO!) by taking Valentine requests.
  • See here for some examples of what you'll get.
  • You may request a Valentine from ONE character to another character within the ORIGINAL PpG!verse from me. (I will not accept PpGZ requests, PpGD requests, or crossovers of any sort.)
  • Length will be variable but all will be short and most will be fluffy.
  • I will not do double requests (e.g., if I receive five requests for "Brick → Blossom" I will only honor one "Brick → Blossom" request).
  • You may request more than one, but that doesn't mean abuse the system (read: don't abuse me).
  • If you request more than one I reserve the right to only fulfill one of your requests (so if you have a favorite, let me know what it is and I'll be sure to at least fulfill your top choice!).
  • Requests will close at midnight this Saturday.

The other day I wrote an entire scene that I already knew would not be in my final draft of TEF. I wrote it anyway. It was fun. And totally influenced by the influx of horror I've been subjecting myself to lately. Brick's a scary fucking bastard, even as a fourteen-year-old.
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You may recall that I ran into issues with my writing netbook a couple of weeks ago, resulting in what might have been the loss of various writing files from 2010. After some fussing with it I realized the bulk of my personal files appeared to be saved to my removable SD card (used to expand the storage on my netbook) as opposed to the netbook's internal storage.

To confirm the s.o. suggested I acquire a USB card reader and check on my "desktop" laptop. The reader finally arrived and despite my concern there might be some issues reading it in Windows when it was originally used on a Linux system, it totally worked! I have all my neat little files back and I am happy. SOOOOO HAPPY.

Now I can finally wipe my netbook and hope it hasn't died forever on me. Even if that's the case, though (*SOB*) at least I have my data back!


ETA: Okay guys, I am so giddy that I am feeling SUPER SUPER GENEROUS. Valentine's Day is coming up. You may request a Valentine from ONE character to another character within the PpG!verse from me. They can be ANY CHARACTERS YOU WANT. Length will vary but I think it's safe to say they will not be long.

The last time I did anything remotely related to this holiday and the PpG was back in 2007, but those should give you an idea of the type of thing you'll be getting. (The Reds ones from that post are pretty serious!cakes and drama!cakes; I'm thinking these are going to be more fluffy/fun. Or not. I'm bi-polar that way.)

Requests are open until midnight this Saturday! HIT ME.

ETA 2: I swear, I am always going to be editing my posts. Meant to add! If someone has already requested it, you cannot request it again! So, you know, Boomer's not going to send Bubbles eleven different Valentines. (Well...) I hope that makes sense. Feel free to ask if you want clarification!
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REQUESTS! ARE FINISHED! they're only, like, half a year late! but they're done! whoo!

that being said, i think i'll try this again this upcoming Christmas. as much as a pain in the ass they are, they really force me to find time to write, and they're good writing exercises besides :) hopefully everyone enjoyed them!

after this i'll get to work on editing a couple of short fics i've had in the pipeline (and get back in touch with [ profile] mathkid and [ profile] cagalli_chan, who are betariffic and put up with a lot of my crap THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ♥♥♥), finish up bks (SERIOUSLY IT NEVER ENDS GUYS), and then get started on... well, another epic that's been brewing in my brain for awhile. i'm not promising something posted soon, Hell, i don't even know if i'll have a suitable 1st part that's post-ready this year, but it's in the works and was excited enough about it to say so :B after "skirt" i swore i'd never do another epic, and of course here comes another. dammit!

i'm hoping to try something a little different with this one though, and my main hope is to get it all written before my brain has a chance to move onto other things. in the meantime, in between my posting of bks and the first part of UPCOMING!epic, i'll be posting other fic, not to worries :) so yay!

btw, i trust we've all been good ppg fans and bought the dvds and watched them a bajillionty times over...? (the buttercup meat locker promo is AWESOME! why did they never air that one?!)

anyway! the real point of this post! which is: REQUESTS ARE DONE!!!

all for anonymous, who requested the following three pieces:

blossom/brick + instant messaging )
boomer/bubbles + the art of flirting )
blossom/brick + beating around the bush )

till next post! which hopefully won't take me two months *shifty eyes*
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requests, once again :) in the home stretch for these!

all for anonymous, who requested the following three pieces:

boomer/bubbles + a flowerpot + a hammer )

brick/blossom + a dog + a gun )

butch/buttercup + personal space )

the whole trio of couples is represented today. huh. /nerd

do i tell you you guys rock often enough? because you do. just, you know, saying :D
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ALMOST DONE WITH REQUESTS. after this there's what, six left?

for anonymous, who requested the following two pieces:

brick/blossom + how blossom manages to make it into brick's dorm room despite their apparent hatred for one another (also referenced in 'skirt', part v) )

blossom/butch + attraction )

for anonymous, who requested butch/buttercup + the game bloody knuckles + a chinese zodiac menu + midol + a pair of pink crocs )

for anonymous (lots of these, huh?), who requested butch/buttercup + chopsticks + a hospital )

to the first anonymous request, i'm sorry i didn't tackle "Butch/Buttercup + the summer before senior year high school (as referenced in 'A Skirt for Sunday Evening', Part V)." the reason why is because that will be addressed in bks (and it WILL be updated, i swear!).

will get around to comment replies within the next day or so :B

ETA: btw, REQUESTS ARE CLOSED. just a reminder :D
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three drabbles (sorry kujo! yours are coming D:) for now.

ALSO, PEOPLE. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED. technically, they've been closed since christmas of last year, but since i didn't announce that the past few times i've posted i will be doing any requests i've had since, but for now i am no longer taking requests. that's not to say i won't open it up to requests again in the future :D it's been good exercise for me.

anyway, on to these next three requests!

for [ profile] creamwhich, who requested butch/buttercup + chinese textbook )

for [ profile] thegreenpostit, who requested butch/buttercup + baseball )

for anonymous, who requested blossom/rrb + leading them on )

oh, and shameless plug time! go visit [ profile] go_google_me and partake of her (her? am i right?) ppg/rrb offerings. pay handsomely with your worthy comments :D

i love everyone today!
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hi all. i'm so terribly sorry about the delay in, well, EVERYTHING. for now, more drabbles! VERY LATE DRABBLES. but i still love everyone and hope you can excuse the tardiness :x

for [ profile] sagibunu, who requested bubbles/boomer + horseback riding + summer showers )

for anonymous, who requested the following four(!) pieces:

brick/blossom + handcuffs )

boomer/bubbles + mistletoe )

buttercup/butch + coffee )

brick/blossom/butch + the movies + chocolate )

for [ profile] blood_opal, who requested the following three pieces:

boomer/bubbles + first part-time job )

boomer/bubbles + scary movies )

brick/blossom + sports competition )

for [ profile] leronze, who requested butch/buttercup + one-sided brick/buttercup + fire )

the rest will come soon! as well as fic fic :B

profile was updated. is that worth mentioning?
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working on the rest! hopefully they'll be out in time for the rrbz premiere on the anime this friday (ノ゜Д゜)ノ !!!!!!


but okay! three more done! the holidays are good for me; i get lots of personal stuff done. personal stuff meaning NOTHING. and nothing is good for me -3-...

for [ profile] cartoon_babe, who requested buttercup/butch/brick/boomer + tough love )

for [ profile] cagalli_chan, who requested boomer/bubbles + waking up )

for [ profile] sagibunu, who requested buttercup/butch + the arcade + ice skating = one weird first date )

still taking requests :3 regular fic coming soon, too 0Д0!!!


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