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Let's start with something important: the lovely P, otherwise known as [profile] xjabooo and formerly known as notkorra/patbby on tumblr, has opened up a Redbubble shop! P is near and dear to my heart, and I know it would mean a lot to her (and me!) if you would pay her store a visit, even just to have a look! (And, you know, buy something if you feel so inclined. That would be even more awesome!) TYFYT ♥

On the TEF front, I'm still (yes, STILL) working on that bigass outline for Part 3. I know I've said before that I played things looser on Parts 1 and 2, but since 3 is where, you know, things start wrapping up, I'm really invested in tying it all semi-neatly together. I've got the bigger plot points in place and am now trying to hammer out little details. It's an interesting process to work that closely with an outline; I went through it just the other morning and realized "Oh God there's barely any Blues in this chapter." And that turns into looking at their role in the other chapters/months and seeing if I can set up any of their major plot points over in this chapter some, or if I can plus out this other thing I was planning or tie it in to what the Reds or Greens have going on somehow, etc. Not just an interesting process, but an interesting lesson in plotting. The details I'm working out right now involve things right down to specific lines in conversations two characters are having with each other, which definitely wasn't the case with my Part 1 outline.

In fact, here's the outline I worked from for the very first chapter. )

Finally, I'm planning on doing another chat, probably towards the end of the month. It was brought to my attention after the first one that there was actually a LIMIT to the amount of users you could have in a chatroom! So my apologies to anyone who tried to get in but couldn't. I'll make sure that isn't the case with the next one.

(Visit P's shop!)
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I came across this fantastic vid by way of two other vids (there's a boring story here, kids, so settle in!). A couple of days ago I got an itch to see what Kaba Modern, who I've generally considered my fave dance group even though I haven't kept up with anything they've done since ABDC, had been up to in recent years (a friend first introduced me to their work ~2007). I don't think I've mentioned it before; KM basically served as inspiration for Blossom's style of hip hop choreography in my head during the (later) formative years of TEF. I always envisioned her choreo to be very technical, precise, and detail-oriented, something that always really struck me about KM's work. I watched this performance of theirs pretty much every free second I had for most of 2007 and 2008.

Anyway, back to the present. I looked up a recent performance of theirs and (happily) discovered Vibe XIX had just gone down a month ago (side note, holy crap Vibe has a tumblr, not sure why this surprises me since everyone sans me has a tumblr these days). Watching their performance led me to search for who took 1st home this year, which was Academy of Villains, and fuck, they put on a hell of a show. Can't argue with them winning.

But watching them got me interested in who else had placed, which led me to the stunning number put on by The Company, who took 2nd. And... well, I basically haven't watched anything beyond this vid, because when I start to think about watching another performance, I find I kinda... just want to watch this one again. Over and over. Because it's pitch perfect inspiration for Blossom for me.

There's the very technical and detail-oriented aspect of it, of course - that's going to be a given with most dance groups that place in competitions - but what elevates this one for me is this understated sensuality about the performance that feels very much in line with Blossom's character. [personal profile] juxtaposie remarked to me early on in TEF that dance felt so perfect for Blossom as a means of expressing herself. There's the technical side of it, of course, but then there's also the saying about dance being a vertical expression of a horizontal desire. Which, well. Really fits Blossom for me, especially when you take into account the idea that Blossom has this subconscious want to repress her sexuality, because she doesn't have the time/it's distracting/there's more important things to attend to, etc., etc.. But, of course, there's always dance.

That's all the stuff that goes through my head when I watch The Company's performance at Vibe XIX.

So if anyone out there wanted an idea of what Blossom's hip hop group choreo looks like in my head, you should basically just watch this video over and over. In fact, here is a wider angle on it, though I highly recommend watching the front row one linked above first. (The wider angle gives you a better idea of how tight their formations and transitions are.) God. I can't wait to finish writing this entry so I can go watch this video another five times before bed.

For shits and giggles, here's Academy of Villains' performance (much more of a "show," which made it a big crowd-pleaser) and KM's (still good, buuuuuuut pretty dull in comparison to the winners).

Oh man, guys. It's so good. Watch it and please do let me know what you think.
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To the person who sent me a PM asking about the thing - you can do the thing! Your account is set up such that I cannot actually respond to your message, hence the public post instead.

(The two things I would ask that you add are a disclaimer attributing PpG to Craig McCr*cken and, if possible, a note that your work is not necessarily hard TEF/MTH canon. Thank you so much!)

And for extra funsies, I want this to be on Blossom's warm-up post... well, post-Brick anything, really. I want her to throw that into the stereo and then just hit it so hard, to the point where she could legitimately be breaking shit by the end of it. Shit as in... the foundation of the studio.

... I wonder if there's anything she could suitably krump to, come to think.
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Two things!

1) I am heading to Comikaze next weekend on Saturday for the Powerpuff Girls Reunion, if anyone is planning on going :)

2) If any of you are unfamiliar with Kelley Armstrong, GET THEE TO A LIBRARY/BOOKSTORE NOW AND CHECK OUT HER DARKEST POWERS SERIES. Young adult, trilogy, first book is titled "The Summoning." It is in that YA supernatural genre that I kind of bear an unfair grudge against ever since Twilight inflicted itself upon the reading world. But Jesus Christ, Kelley Armstrong. I couldn't read her trilogy fast enough. And then I had to - HAD TO - purchase the ebooks that continued the characters' backstory/storylines. I haven't been that crazed about anything in the YA genre since... Harry Potter? And since this was more real-world based, I daresay I liked it even more than that. (Fair warning: I liked HP but I'm not exactly a fanatic.)

Writing is slow going these days, if going at all. Oh, I forgot! There's another thing!

3) Everyone enter [personal profile] busterella's Squishy Fic Contest! Because you are good people and she is good people and good people deserve to do and receive good things.

There. Now I'm done.
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The most important point of this entry is to alert you all to [personal profile] busterella's

PpG Squishy!fic contest!

Some of you are familiar with [personal profile] busterella's Squishyverse and how awesome and great it is, but for those of you who are out of the loop, basically the Squishyverse is a mature and sensible take on CTN'S Fusionfall game universe, set exclusively within the Powerpuff Girls canon instead of the massive crossover affair that Fusionfall was.

It would be impossible for me to list all the GREAT AMAZING THINGS about Squishyverse, but here are a few things I love:
  1. The characters are set up to react like REAL PEOPLE
  2. There is a much greater focus on the family conflict that arises out of Buttercup's/Belladonna's amnesia
  4. Her design of everything - the world, the characters, the GIRLS - is so refreshing and fun to look at!
  5. The reshaping of the Fusionfall concept is seriously inspired - [personal profile] busterella basically took a coal (Fusionfall) and worked that thing until it was a freaking diamond (Squishyverse) with her bare hands and fantastic brainmeats
So what I'm basically getting at is, her world-building is wonderful and if anyone deserves to have fic written for her, it's [personal profile] busterella. It would mean so much (!!!) if any fellow writerly folk out there would check out what she's done and give some thought to entering her contest! Or actually enter, buuuuut I won't hold you to that. (I'll probably think better of you as a person, though. Just slightly. ♥)

Please check out the entry I've linked to and tool about her tumblr tags. Her work is really something and at the very least everyone should check it out!

Also, if you're looking for the TEF update, I sent my revised 1st draft of ch12 off to beta last week. HOO-ZAH
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OKAY HEY GUYS a lot of folks have been asking about the next chapter and when it's going to be up, and basically my answer is "UHHHHH IDK IT KIND OF DEPENDS I'M SORRY 8C"

I can, however, tell you that I have spent the past month working on revising the next chapter. Which is huge. Like, stupid huge. Like 48.5k words huge. I finished addressing my betas' notes this past weekend and am now combing through it to weed out those horrid adverb thingies. After that I still want to cut down on the wordage (I feel like there's a lot of fat at the end in particular that could be trimmed). Ideally 10% off of what I originally sent to Team Awesome would be great, but we'll see how well I manage with that. Then it'll go back to Team Awesome for Round 2 notes!

I'm not going to make any estimates or guesses as to when it'll actually get posted because I've proven myself wrong time and time again. But there's my answer!

Other things I have done involving TEF (because that's pretty much all I work on these days when I get the opportunity to write) include getting into some mildly violent and melodramatic shit that is going to go down in the final chapter. I think I spent maybe 4 hours writing two and half pages of that business, and I guess that stuff can be kind of taxing on my system these days, because afterwards all I wanted to do was write sickeningly fluffy shit that's totally out of character, namely Brick and Blossom having epic couch!cuddles and makeout times. Which did not get written, by the way.

I did go digging through some tfr stuff but couldn't work up the enthusiasm to post any of it. I think all the good (good meaning REALLY TERRIBLE) stuff has already gone up.

I am going to end this entry with a shameless plug for [personal profile] busterella's Squishyverse, which is required reading for anybody whose eyes have touched these words. Go. GO.

PS - Thank you to the folks on tumblr/dA who keep posting things! I am not convinced this is real life; it flabbergasts me so.
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I don't write poetry anymore, but somehow the bug bit me today.















I don't write poetry anymore largely because I think it's really difficult to write good poetry; unlike fiction I think poetry should always sound fresh and new and beautiful and like a song you've never heard before, and I just don't have that many songs in me, nor do I think of those songs as exceptionally pretty. But sometimes the bug just gets me.

If you're relatively new around here, my favorite poets of all poets include Dorothy Parker, Pablo Neruda, and, my all time favorite, e.e. cummings. Oh dear God, e.e. cummings.
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I wish I had Christmas!fic this year to share, but alas, my plans for this year's fic fell through.

I did, however, participate in this month's holiday-themed prompt at [profile] ppg_hub_drabble, and if you are still riding the holiday fic wave and need your PpG!fic fix, you are in luck - there is a plethora of lovely drabbles to be found there!

Cheers to everyone, and I hope you all have a beautiful holiday ♥
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You guys, you should totally be checking out the entries for the first writing contest over at [profile] ppg_hub_drabble because they are AWESOME. And you should also totally be voting, too! Voting closes this Friday, so go go go!

As for me and writing, mostly I've been working on the next TEF: trivia post for ch5. Afterwards I want to jump back on birthday fic/fic I owe people and knock a couple out, then get back to TEF. I figure if I'm able to finish up Part 2 by the end of the year, I should be in good shape. Next year, then, will be dedicated to Part 3.

... It's really surreal to think of fic progress in terms of years. It sounds like a long time, but put into practice a year is really only just enough time at all (when you aren't writing full time).

Hey TEF!Boomer would totally sing this song when it's go time for him and his brothers:

Brick and Butch do not understand him.

Also updated the Sticky with fanart. I ♥ you guys.
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[profile] sarahtales linked to a good article Zoƫ Marriott wrote about Mary Sues that I think everyone should read. (Sarah's post linking to it is worth reading as well.)

Every once in a while I still get a reviewer for TEF stating that Blossom is too Sue-ish. Shrug, baby.


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