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I saw the thing. I saw the thing five times.

Okay, that's misleading. I sat down and actually watched the thing two of those five times all the way through. The other three times it was playing in the background while I bustled about doing other things.

I really like the thing. After multiple viewings, I daresay I... love? The thing?

And referring to it as “The thing” is sending the wrong message. I really, genuinely, truly enjoyed it. I made my tea this morning, sat next to my sleeping SO, booted up the telly, and strapped in to see what they could do. And frankly, I think they did a really, really great job.

I've been noting various things all day as they come to me, so now, presented in no particular order, are some thoughts about The Powerpuff Girls Special: Dance Pantsed. )

Well! Those are my long-winded thoughts! (Some of them. Did I ever actually talk about the script? Fuck, whatever.) What did you guys think? Love it? Hate it? I must know.

(Also it seems people are totes up for a PpG chat come Super Bowl Sunday, so I'll start looking into setting it up! You guys rock.)
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In writing A Thorn in Your Side, I originally planned for the awkward-yet-intimate moment between Belladonna and the Professor to happen while he was dying her hair in the bathroom. This was one of the first scenes I wrote and I cut it pretty quickly because it wasn't hitting the notes I wanted it to. Upon subsequent reads it felt more heavyhanded than I wanted to get (not that I'm always terribly subtle, ha). Besides that, once I really got into writing the story, trying to fit even an altered version of this in would've disrupted the flow of it. I suppose I could've taken some of the conversation that happened in the bedroom out and put it in this scene in the bathroom, but for me it was important to have the conversation between Belladonna and the Professor take place while surrounded by settings that would've been very familiar to Belladonna's former self (and the audience), but were completely alien to her. (Man, that was a long run-on sentence.)

Anyway, here it is in its unpolished, un-revised, unedited glory. )

Squishyverse is [personal profile] busterella's brainchild and you all should definitely go check out her tumblr for more!
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Surprise ♥

Title: A Thorn in Your Side
Characters/Pairing: Belladonna, Professor Utonium, no pairings
Rating: PG-13/T for mild language and emotionally heavy shit stuff
Disclaimer: Neither the Powerpuff Girls nor their FusionFall incarnations belong to me. Beyond that, this (far superior) interpretation of the FusionFall canon is the brainchild of the incomparable [personal profile] busterella.
Summary: Trying to be someone who's dead isn't' working out for Belladonna.
Notes: Not for Busterella's contest (which everybody should still try to enter!), just for her birthday! Also largely written because of you-know-what with you-know-who (she will know what I'm talking about). Apologies, I wanted this to be longer but had to power through it in a sickness-induced delirium. More is to come, but this is what I have for you so far. The happiest of birthdays to the coolest of people. Un-beta'd.

A Thorn in Your Side. ~4,538 words. )
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Happy Halloween, everyone! Tell me what your costume is! Also, have this fic!

Title: The Routine
Characters/Pairing: Professor Utonium, no pairings
Rating: PG/K+, as if that rating matters
Disclaimer: The Powerpuff Girls do not belong to me.
Summary: This is the Professor's life now.
Notes: Settled down to try and write something creepy for Halloween '13 and it came out sad instead. WHY DOES MY BODY BETRAY ME SO? Un-beta'd.

the routine. ~1,042 words. )
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The most important point of this entry is to alert you all to [personal profile] busterella's

PpG Squishy!fic contest!

Some of you are familiar with [personal profile] busterella's Squishyverse and how awesome and great it is, but for those of you who are out of the loop, basically the Squishyverse is a mature and sensible take on CTN'S Fusionfall game universe, set exclusively within the Powerpuff Girls canon instead of the massive crossover affair that Fusionfall was.

It would be impossible for me to list all the GREAT AMAZING THINGS about Squishyverse, but here are a few things I love:
  1. The characters are set up to react like REAL PEOPLE
  2. There is a much greater focus on the family conflict that arises out of Buttercup's/Belladonna's amnesia
  4. Her design of everything - the world, the characters, the GIRLS - is so refreshing and fun to look at!
  5. The reshaping of the Fusionfall concept is seriously inspired - [personal profile] busterella basically took a coal (Fusionfall) and worked that thing until it was a freaking diamond (Squishyverse) with her bare hands and fantastic brainmeats
So what I'm basically getting at is, her world-building is wonderful and if anyone deserves to have fic written for her, it's [personal profile] busterella. It would mean so much (!!!) if any fellow writerly folk out there would check out what she's done and give some thought to entering her contest! Or actually enter, buuuuut I won't hold you to that. (I'll probably think better of you as a person, though. Just slightly. ♥)

Please check out the entry I've linked to and tool about her tumblr tags. Her work is really something and at the very least everyone should check it out!

Also, if you're looking for the TEF update, I sent my revised 1st draft of ch12 off to beta last week. HOO-ZAH
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Hence, SONG!POST. I'd say this is my "unorthodox pairings song!post!" except it's still got some Red in there (albeit AU) as well as Bubbles loving life and the Girls being generally awesome, so... no, nothing here is really out of the ordinary for me. (Also includes Bubbles/Princess, Bubbles/Brick, Sedusa/Professor, and Mitch/Buttercup.)

Anyway, we'll get the boring Reds one out of the way first. )

As always, if you adore any of these, I highly encourage you to purchase the songs from the actual artists. Download links are provided for preview purposes only.

Let me know what you think and what you love :)
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This probably could've been better, but I'm done working with it, so up it goes. Back to the TEF grindstone.

Title: Paternus
Character: Professor Utonium
Rating: G/K
Disclaimer: This is merely an act of love for what Craig McCracken created.
Summary: It's different for the Professor.
Notes: I've been wanting to write something for Father's Day involving the Professor for a while. This isn't quite what I had in mind—but what I had in mind requires more attention and time than I am able to devote at the moment. Also, it would've been longer. And it probably would've fit into the TEF universe. In any case, this is what wound up happening instead. Happy Father's Day :) Un-beta'd.

paternus. 707 words. )
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I think I mentioned so before, but it bears repeating and further embellishment: these were ridiculously fun to write. Some more obviously so than others.

There did wind up being a little bit of a narrative connection between a few of them, and a lot of them reference little things in the show, so if you catch those... um, basically I love you and am crazy proud to know you. FELLOW WINNER. (Edit: Bonus points if you are able to name all the songs in one of them. You'll probably know when you hit it.) (Edit the second: Extra life if you can name whose flapjacks the Professor is referring to.)

Valentine 2011 requests! ROLL 'EM. )

A pre-emptive Happy Valentine's Day to you all ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Interrupting winter to bring you:

More Than Human, ch6
part 1
part 2

Title: More Than Human
Chapter 6: We’ll Still Have The Summer After All, or Permanent Jet Lag, Please Take Me Back
Pairing: RrB/PpG
Rating: R/M, because they're teenagers and a good handful of them use terrible, filthy language.
Disclaimer: Pay your respect to Craig, not me.
Summary: There is no way I can make this sound original, ever. My attempt to write a believable RrB/PpG in high school fic. Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal. – Camus
Notes: [profile] mathkid and [personal profile] juxtaposie deserve more credit than they get for how much they help me. Ch. 6 is TEF’s Beach Episode. Yes, you may thank me later.

More Than Human. Ch. 6 - We’ll Still Have The Summer After All, or Permanent Jet Lag, Please Take Me Back. ~13,761 words. )
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Sorry about my brief absence; I spent the past two days in such a mood that it's for the best my social interaction was limited. I'll catch up on your comments/posts as soon as I'm able!

To make up for it, two things today; Fic (for Friday) and Song post (for Sunday). "Show off my geek side day" (Sat.) will be taken care of when I can upload pics, probably tomorrow.

Firstly, the song. Today's is from the Greens playlist. I had the album for the longest time and it wasn't until it came up one day, and in listening to the lyrics I realized what a great fit this was for Butch (and his potential feelings for/fascination with Buttercup). It goes from muted and contemplative to loud and screamy, and overall there's something very guttural about it which feels particularly fitting. Not to mention it feels a fair illustration of the bipolarity in their relationship.

Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek by Blue October

Secondly, the fic. I'd been planning on posting something else, but that's a little more involved story-wise and there was no way I could get it done in time to post. I didn't quite want to do a drabble; what wound up happening was a series of them marginally connected by a common theme. Eh, I dunno. I don't know that I executed it quite the way I wanted to, but these Fridays are less about making it perfect (which, let's face it, is a pipe dream) than they are about making me write. I do like that these Fic Fridays so far are inspiring me to write things I don't feel I'd normally do for the fandom. Experimenting is fun!

Title: No Higher Ideal
Rating: K+/PG
Parts: One-shot
Disclaimer: I may like to write 'em, but I sure don't own 'em.
Summary: “One must desire something to be alive.” - Margaret Deland
Notes: An exploration of what various characters want, ranging from superficial/material to something deeper. No timeline. Ultimately I think I liked the idea more than I liked the result. Unbeta'd.


no higher ideal. 407 words. )


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