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This came about after reading some Franken Fran (warning: horror/black comedy series to be avoided by anyone with severe Body Horror squicks), oddly. But hey, you guys know me and subversions.

Another warning for the kids out there. While not explicit, this is pretty suggestive.

Spoiler: Yes, it hurts. )
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Today's fic is tiny. The F in Friday is for Forgiveness!

What about that one? )
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My friends don't deserve this kind of treatment from me! Why you continue to hang around me, I'll never understand.

Title: Strength
Pairing: (non) Brick/Bubbles
Rating: PG for mentions of blood, the aftermath of violent acts, you know, my standard.
Parts: One-shot
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters! (Only their likeness, in various forms of toys, clothing, and other such sundries.)
Summary: Brick doesn't know it when he sees it.
Notes: For [ profile] mathkid's birthday... which was, like, back in April or something (lol @self). Happy birthday, awesome person! When pressed, [ profile] mathkid put forward the request for a cross-color drabble, specifically, Red/Blue, and not necessarily romantic. (Though let it be known I tried! That day will come, eventually.) I adore Brick/Bubbles in all forms, romantic or no. Beta'd by [ profile] juxtaposie, because greatness is not achieved alone, nor after months of inactivity.

strength. 274 words. )
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But specifically, [ profile] juxtaposie. Who knows some very awesome people. (But specifically, [ profile] artemisrae.)

Title: Little Boxes
Pairing: Blues
Rating: G or K or whatever is the most kid-friendly rating
Parts: Drabble/One-shot
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, pretty sure they wouldn't do this anyway.
Summary: She gets it from her mom's side.
Notes: BABY. Disgustingly fluffy and sweet. For [ profile] juxtaposie, per [ profile] artemisrae. Who both deserve lots of these ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

little boxes. 226 words. )

XOXO forever, you hear me, [ profile] juxtaposie? FOREVER. ♥♥♥♥♥♥
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This is pretty not good at all, but I haven't written in a long time and that part of me is kinda crawling out of its skin, so here, have some shitty shit writing. )

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Just something that popped into my head and wouldn't leave, so maybe posting it will satisfy whatever urge I had to write it. Buttercup's POV. 13 words, if you could actually call this a fic.


Everybody thinks my favorite colors are Black and Blue.

They're wrong.

It's Red.


Ambiguity intentional! Is it Brick? Or Blossom?! Or is a cigar just a cigar? (Or perhaps... a Cigar?! *DRAMATIC STING*)

Okay, I've been punchy. I have license to be! I'm on break and am guzzling sweets and have been sleeping in instead of writing TEF, which I simultaneously permit feelings of guilt for and feelings of FUCK YOU THIS IS MY VACATION IMMA DO WHAT I WANT *HAIRFLIP*

Honestly, I'll probably get back on TEF tomorrow. Maybe. Hopefully?

Better stuff to hit the deck here tomorrow as well, if all goes according to plan, though it won't be much longer than this WAIT WUT DON'T SET UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS SELF

Also just so you know black and blue really were listed as Buttercup's favorite colors in her profile right when the series first launched /nerd

Btw CTN what the ASS happened to your site it is ugly as shit D8)

ETA: Totally neglected to mention this! It popped out of my head last night when being punchy clearly took precedence over being some semblance of insightful. "Red" may just also be very obviously referring to blood. Heyyyy. So deep.
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I had some posts swimming about in my brain, posts about my favorite stories and movies and what I want to emulate when I'm writing - nothing substantial, just rambling, bumbling words so I can feel like what I'm writing is actually coming from somewhere and I'm exercising what I learn from what I watch and read and listen to. It got to be a little too self-indulgent in my head, though, so all I will say is this:

Punch Drunk Love is one of my favorite films.
Tiffany Aching is my favorite book heroine.
Dos Palabras is one of my favorite short stories.

I bring up "Dos Palabras" (or "Two Words") because I just finished writing ch7 recently, the ending of which felt very familiar, and then I realized it sort of echoed "Dos Palabras." Which is a really lovely short, and I had to find it and share it with those who haven't read it, so here: Dos Palabras, or Two Words by Isabel Allende.

It's even more beautiful in the original Spanish, so if you're fluent, seek that out. Clever people might guess the significance of the title.

For the record, ch7's ending doesn't even compare to Dos Palabras'.

That musing aside, time to get more non-TEF stuff out of my system.


The loose gravel beneath Butch's bruised, aching shoulders dig into his skin where his clothing's all torn, and as he reaches a hand for her face he smiles.

Buttercup lets his hand brush against her cheek, leaving a smear of red in its wake. His or hers? Probably his.

"What's that for?" she asks as his grin widens, her fist still digging into his gut.

"It's a good color on you," he sneers, staining her skin red with his blood. "You wear it well."
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Blossom narrows her eyes at the attention whore of attention whores over the wrecked rubble that was once a city street.

"You could've just called," she says reproachfully, fire blazing in those pink eyes.

Brick huffs out a breath and sets his jaw, refusing to look at her.


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