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Today I sat down to write and my first thought was "Ugh. Where the hell is this going?"

Continued from here.

Wait! )
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Too busy to write more. Really, too busy to post this, even.

Continued from here.

Brick darted a glance behind him... )
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Writing on weekends doesn't happen regularly for me - only when I'm really pressed about something or if there's been a buildup for a while. That's all to say I treat my weekends as actual weekends, and writing as part of my workday. Holiday weekends get the same treatment.

The trouble with three days off is getting back into the groove of the story; two days is manageable, but three days is tough. So. When in doubt, vulgar joke. (Thankfully, I had the foresight to set it up in the last passage.) Warning for Brick being a four-letter-word that starts with "d" and rhymes with "Brick."

Continued from here.

A look of mock concern passed over her face. )
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I would've written last night, but finishing Green Lantern TAS was more important for some reason. YUP.

Continued from here.

Her eyes narrowed. )

P.S. - Happy Birthday Quilly! xoxoxo
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Too tired to tackle writing last night. Here's what I got this morning.

Continued from here.

The clothes caught him off guard for a second. )

And here's some bonus material: When I was trying to wrap up the last section from two nights ago, I hit a wall. I asked my s.o. to give me five words, sight unseen. His contribution. )

Truly masterful prose, that.
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The daily writing project. Continued from here.

Two hundred and seventy-six steps. )

I know you all are just wondering when Blossom's going to show up. Shh.
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Life is busy. Vague details later, as well as housekeeping on the most recent voice posts I did last week.

I decided to start writing something and am going to try to add a little to it every day, be it a page or a paragraph or a sentence. I mean, this is my normal procedure, generally, but what I mean is I'll post the day's work here with minimal editing. I've had to sacrifice my usual writing time for other things the past month, and it is going to have to continue into next month, unfortunately.

But I had to write something, so I wrote this. I have a vague idea where it's going at the moment, but don't get too attached to it, as it's more of an exercise than anything else.

Current filename: party. )

Ugh God I am exhausted. To be continued tomorrow.


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