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(This entry was motivated by this post on the fan tumblr, and I would like to take the time to please ask everyone to treat the asker with respect before responding. This is something that comes up with a fair number of readers, not just this one, and I've finally decided to respond myself.)

It always surprises me how many readers believe that the Reds are the most “perfect” or well-rounded characters. I try to refrain from discussing this at too much length because when it comes to bigger thematic elements I really don't want to be planting my words or thoughts in anybody's mouth – I don't want to tell anyone how to “read” my story. I would rather they come to those conclusions based on my ability to carry those points across in my writing. I have admittedly used this as a measure of how good a job I am doing – if people get it, I have succeeded! Hooray! If they don't, that tells me there is something I can work on clarifying. (The road to bettering yourself never ends.)

However, in the case of the Reds, I have received some pretty divided feedback. There are obviously readers who love the characters, both individually and as a “couple” as portrayed in TEF. There are also readers who feel the Reds are unfairly elevated above their siblings, that too much attention is paid to them, and also, why are they so perfect and great at everything? That's impossible. Nobody in real life is like that.

(Let's set aside the issue that this is a fic about cartoon heroines who are canonically perceived by their entire city as perfect and great, and also that Blossom is, canonically, the Powerpuff Girl most likely to strike the finishing blow (see “Stuck Up, Up, and Away,” “Ice Sore,” “Abracadaver,” “Mime for a Change,” aaaaand I'm going to stop because I don't need to be listing like 80% of the series' run of episodes here). I assume we have all watched the same show, so let's just get to the real meat of this business.)

I have brought up the issue a few times, mostly with regards to Blossom and a perceived Mary Sue-ishness about her (an opinion that I still vehemently disagree with), but for the most part refrained from delving deeply into the issue because, again, I don't want to tell people how to read the story, it is merely my job to tell it. I have realized, though, that this isn't an issue of me or the narrative not being clear. This is an issue of having wildly different opinions about what makes a person “perfect.” And having a different opinion doesn't mean you are reading the story wrong, so if you are in that camp, I hope you don't take this as an attack! I simply want to explain where I am (and perhaps several other readers are) coming from when I perceive the Reds as “imperfect” people.

Yes, Blossom and Brick are great at many things. )

I hope I've explained myself adequately. Again, this isn't intended to invalidate anyone's criticism, this is intended to explain the mindset I am approaching with regards to writing the Reds. I hope this entry doesn't deter any current readers from reading further, or from future criticism. I always welcome and encourage discussion!

There's more that I haven't touched on, but good holy Christ it is late and I need the sleep. Although, apropos of nothing I have rambled about tonight, if somebody could tell mirakelsey on tumblr that her rendition of the girls is one of my favorites so far (my God, her posing is FANTASTIC), please do! I don't have tumblr (and I will not get one, so please don't urge me to as your pleas will fall on selectively deaf ears) and she doesn't allow anonymous asks. So. Yes. If the Internet fairies could do that, that would be awesomesauce. (For the record, and always, thank you to everyone who has done fanart of TEF. I do see all of it and I squee and I save it in a little folder on my 'puter for safekeeping. Every piece, no matter how big or small, matters so much to me. Thank you ♥)
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God damn, I've been away from this too long. I don't know how to give it a proper start. Maybe I'll just start talking and we'll go from there, hm?

V. The Reds. Or, When An Emotionally Stunted Dickbag Loves A Tsundere. )

V.a. Second Best to None, Son. Or, A Girl Possessed By Noble Heart. )

V.b. Let Me See Just Who I Will Become. Or, I Am A Very Special Fucking Snowflake, Damn It! )

V.c. 99 Problems (And A Bitch Makes 100). Or, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room. )

Oh Jesus, there we go, that hard shit is done. Wrap-up post to follow, complete with an ultimate table of contents. Right now my brain is fried and I am going to go be a lazy ass.
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A timely comeback, m' dear (just as I'm getting into the Greens on this thing)! I HAVE MISSED YOU. YOU ARE STILL SO MUCH SEX. ♥

Rest of the world: carry on.

IV.c. You're Pulling Out the Best of Me (Which Never, Ever Comes). Or, Gutting Each Other Like Fish. Literally. )

Haha, looking this over I am all “Wow, this is what I get out of four meager episode appearances of the boys!” Yeah, talk about heavy fanon interpretation. Well, I hope some of you are rollin' with me, at least!

Another part that was all over the place, kind of. I JUST HOPE IT MADE SENSE. Up next would be my (and several others') favorites: The Reds.
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II.b. The Measure of a Non-Human. Or, Girls and Boys and Evil Brain Monkeys. )

Digression: Proximity Begets A Relationship. )

Up next, II.c. Debunking the Evil Absolute Theorem. (I hope this is genuinely interesting for you guys.)
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I have tried to start this thing about ten times in the past half hour and have failed every time. I don't know why it's so difficult for me to start. Maybe because I want to be intelligent about it, since, when it comes to PpG/RrB, very little intelligent discourse exists. And, well, let's face it: it's a kids' show (arguably, but certainly a kids' show whose main target is the 4-11 demographic that just happens to have wide crossover age appeal, thanks to its awesome creator). It is, quite frankly, a little difficult to take seriously, and yet, here I am. Taking it seriously.

Ridiculous rambling intro. Or, An Epic Effigy of Burning Epicness. )

I. Real intro! Or, Me and Buttercup and Brick and Every-other-fucking-body-you-know. )

In Short (I know, I know, too late!)...

What is to follow in the coming days is my attempt at dissecting the PpG/RrB pairing (and yes, I seriously consider this a birthday present to myself, because I am a Giant Nerd of Epic Proportions). The next section will basically go into why I believe the pairing has so much appeal, keeping in mind the average age of the section of fandom that ships PpG/RrB, and my own interpretation of how certain narrative tropes we've appropriated into our subconscious (or, at least, I have) serve as the base reasoning for the ship. Following that I will go into detail about each specific pairing. Seriously, I'm a Giant Nerd. There's all sorts of shit coming into play here, including an assload of TVTropes and even some Jungian archetypes (I told, I told you), and titles like Jerkass Being Dommed by the Hot Amazon (and Subconsciously Enjoying It), and Boys Will be Boys, Which is to Say, Dickheads.

Seriously, guys, I outlined this shit. Tiny outline, but I did it. Giant Nerd. Told you so.

Expect more within a day or so!


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