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He suggested I post a cookie, so you have him to thank for this.

I got this out of the box marked TEF ch10. )

Do people even call these cookies anymore? Man, I'm out of touch.
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so, way back when, almost two years ago, i started a blues fic. it took me awhile to get back into it, but lately as i've felt the need for sweet fluffy things, i think i've figured out exactly what i want to do with it. so here: have a cookie. )

it should be noted that my writing style has shifted a few gears over the past few years, hopefully for the better (at least i think so). but i'm doing my best to keep with the fanon i set for myself with the first bit.
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and here, for those few that read this journal, is a "best kept secret" snippet/cookie/goodie/ULTRA SUPER DUPER SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW!!! in case no one remembers, "best kept secret" is the up and coming epilogue to "a skirt for sunday evening." this part is un-proofed and un-edited and un-beta'ed as of yet, so what you see here may not be exactly what winds up in the final product (which is slowly coming along--i want this to be the best i can make it, b/c looking back on 'skirt' there are a lot of things i would've wanted to have done differently, and here i go on tangents, whee).

anyway, cookie. yay. yum.

sorry, no milk to go along with it )

it's on its way, loyal readers. just sit tight.


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