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Surprise ♥

Title: A Thorn in Your Side
Characters/Pairing: Belladonna, Professor Utonium, no pairings
Rating: PG-13/T for mild language and emotionally heavy shit stuff
Disclaimer: Neither the Powerpuff Girls nor their FusionFall incarnations belong to me. Beyond that, this (far superior) interpretation of the FusionFall canon is the brainchild of the incomparable [personal profile] busterella.
Summary: Trying to be someone who's dead isn't' working out for Belladonna.
Notes: Not for Busterella's contest (which everybody should still try to enter!), just for her birthday! Also largely written because of you-know-what with you-know-who (she will know what I'm talking about). Apologies, I wanted this to be longer but had to power through it in a sickness-induced delirium. More is to come, but this is what I have for you so far. The happiest of birthdays to the coolest of people. Un-beta'd.

A Thorn in Your Side. ~4,538 words. )
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Some months back I posted a quote that seemed to me like a fantastic summary for a Reds piece. My life these days is work and fic. So. Here is more fic.

Title: LBD
Pairing: Reds
Rating: PG-13/T
Disclaimer: Not mine. I just like to make them each others'.
Summary: If you look good in white, you look really good in black. - Karim Rashid (from this interview)
Notes: In all honesty I wouldn't have written it if [profile] wei_chan hadn't demanded it, so consider this belated birthday fic for [profile] wei_chan. The dress in my head was this fabulous thing (but please ignore the model's footwear). Un-beta'd.

lbd. ~1,118 words. )
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PpG Drabble contest will be starting soon (read: IN A FEW DAYS, EEE). Keep your eye on [profile] ppg_hub for the announcement!

Also, some very, very, very late fic.

Title: Fair Play
Pairing: Greens
Rating: PG-13/T
Disclaimer: Only my words, not my characters. Except for Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, and Bruce.
Summary: Playing favorites isn't always unfair.
Notes: Super super super belated birthday fic for [profile] hermeown, who originally asked for Bridle!fic. I apologized, since I am still exercising my long!fic sabbatical, but promised Green!spawn. Unfortunately, it wound up being more about the Greens. All the same, I hope you enjoy it ♥ Un-beta'd.

fair play. ~2,017 words. )
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Three fic posts in a row! WHAT IS GOING ON.

Title: Metamorphosis
Pairing: Maybe Blues, and if that, one-sided
Rating: G/K
Disclaimer: Craig gets all the money. I’m just here for the LOVE.
Summary: Boomer doesn’t know if he’s ready for this.
Notes: SOOOO LATE. Finally getting caught up on birthday fic, though! For [personal profile] juxtaposie, whose special day was back in... like, end of July. (I’M SORRY, ILU.) Last year’s request was winter-themed; 2010’s is autumn-themed. Let’s hope I did your greatness justice. Beta’d by [profile] mathkid, because special people deserve special treatment.

metamorphosis. 678 words. )
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My friends don't deserve this kind of treatment from me! Why you continue to hang around me, I'll never understand.

Title: Strength
Pairing: (non) Brick/Bubbles
Rating: PG for mentions of blood, the aftermath of violent acts, you know, my standard.
Parts: One-shot
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters! (Only their likeness, in various forms of toys, clothing, and other such sundries.)
Summary: Brick doesn't know it when he sees it.
Notes: For [ profile] mathkid's birthday... which was, like, back in April or something (lol @self). Happy birthday, awesome person! When pressed, [ profile] mathkid put forward the request for a cross-color drabble, specifically, Red/Blue, and not necessarily romantic. (Though let it be known I tried! That day will come, eventually.) I adore Brick/Bubbles in all forms, romantic or no. Beta'd by [ profile] juxtaposie, because greatness is not achieved alone, nor after months of inactivity.

strength. 274 words. )
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Hey! People should ask me about my favorite female characters so I have an excuse to talk about awesome fictional women :B

I'll be honest, I did struggle a bit with this in the beginning, but wound up liking where it went, so hopefully I pulled it off. Happy Birthday to [ profile] jupitrie , who asked for “a fic that kind of echoes the scenes of Butch escorting Buttercup through a really girly activity... but you know...with chaos and violence abruptly ending a semi-serene moment.” There is a teensy bit of Reds in there, just for you :)

Awesome people need to stop having birthdays before I run out of ideas, geez.

Title: Black Lace And Arsenic, In That Order
Pairing: Mostly Greens friendshippy(?) fic, with touches of Red and Blue.
Rating: PG-13 for mild cursing and lacy underthings.
Parts: One-shot
Disclaimer: Please don't get mad at me for making your characters do crazy shit like this, Mr. McCr*cken.
Summary: Butch and Buttercup go lingerie shopping. Yeah, really.
Notes: Belated birthday fic for [ profile] jupitrie, who draws and is awesome.

black lace and arsenic, in that order. ~2,352 words )
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Surprise! I am all two days late and stuff. I really meant to post this on time, I did, but vacation started and I got lazy and have been (as noted) sleeping in instead of writing. *HANGS HEAD*

But yes. For [ profile] wei_chan . Who is super-talented and awesome and has the brains to back it up! Happy (way belated) birthday!

Title: Secret Santa
Pairing: Reds, maybe, if you squint super-hard and enjoy guessing at THE FUTURE
Rating: G. No kidding, I have (for once) written a totally, completely G fic.
Parts: One-shot.
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, but I sure do like to make 'em bleed.
Summary: Brick knows she hates him.
Notes: For [ profile] wei_chan 's birthday! Not very long (sorry!) but actually quite a bit longer than I intended it to be. I feel like I have a harder time writing genuinely short, almost drabble-like stories these days. Unbeta'd.

secret santa. ~922 words. )
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But seriously I had fun writing this. Way more sweet than this ship usually gets from me. And hey, I'm on time again! Yay!

Title: Losers Go to Cabo
Pairing: Reds (Blues and Greens too, but mostly in the background)
Rating: PG-13, for language and implied sexy things.
Parts: One-shot...?
Disclaimer: If you think I own the Powerpuff Girls or the Rowdyruff Boys then you are on some good shit there, buddy.
Summary: Brick is never having kids.
Notes: For [ profile] philosophicwax 's birthday. (Who is kicking ass on finals, I'll bet.) Unbeta'd.

losers go to cabo. ~4,097 words. )
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Ha! Go me!

For [ profile] juxtaposie, because I love you!

Title: The Very Definition of Understimating Someone
Pairing: Blues (but just barely)
Rating: Practically totally G. Er, maybe PG. There is straddling involved.
Parts: One-shot
Disclaimer: Craig McCracken does not write fanfic, to my knowledge. He is pretty awesome, though.
Summary: Everybody thinks Bubbles is the nice one.
Notes: It's [ profile] juxtaposie's birthday! Unbeta'd! Honestly, honey, you probably deserve better. But I still hope this helps you through that crazy heat the motherstate's having. Nothing's hitting triple digit temperatures here. (Unless you're counting Boomer's face, perhaps.)

the very definition of underestimating someone. 2,297 words. )

I will have you know, by the way, that I very nearly titled this fic "Powerpoff." YEAH, YOU HEARD ME. WHATEVER, I'M STILL PROUD.

Happy birthday to an awesome beta and an awesomer person :D
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I'm not going to lie. This was hard. This was very, very hard. When I asked [ profile] mathkid what she wanted for her birthday, I just about fainted from the response.

So. For [ profile] mathkid's birthday. If anyone deserves closure, it's you.

That said, I apologize profusely for the sloppiness, the OOC'ness, any structural or narrative weaknesses. It was very, very hard to come back to something that has been sitting on my hard drive for almost five years, if not longer, but this was the best I could do. Also, I am a day late. (Um, happy belated...)

Title: Best Kept Secret
Pairing: Greens
Rating: PG-13
Parts: Two of two.
Disclaimer: I do not own either of them, or their siblings.
Summary: Ten years' worth of hoping and pining and aching and secrets you swore you'd never tell, but still it's all just water flowing through a busted pipe.
Notes: For [ profile] mathkid's birthday. Un-beta'd, save for roughly 1/3 of it four years ago. Permit me its flaws. Easily one of the hardest things I've ever had to finish.

ASfSE Epilogue: Best Kept Secret. ~10,330 words. )

That's all she wrote. Happy birthday, [ profile] mathkid :)


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