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Dudes be familiar with Hermeown? Because this awesome fellow writer lady is in need of a beta for 30 Days and its sequel, Unbridled. I would not put out the beta call for a shit writer - which, believe me, Hermeown is not - so interested dudes should do one of the following:

PM her via her profile
Comment at her devart
Comment here (I'm not going to link to the Reply button you lazy fucks) and I'll pass it on!

For anyone not interested in answering the beta call, be sweethearts and read yourself some good fic. 30 Days gets off to an intriguing start and has a great setup, also OH FUCK THIS JUST GET YOUR ASSES OVER THERE AND READ IT.
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When I spouted that shit about finishing Ch. 2 before my break, I forgot to insert LAUGHING AT MYSELF. (I just sent it off to beta.) Stuff got in the way, stuff that I do not regret, so I guess everything but TEF wins. Ch. 1 is close (YES, CLOSER THAN WHEN I LAST MENTIONED IT) to being ready for public consumption, trust me! Nobody would be surprised if I said I was already ridiculously behind schedule, right?

I've kind of cornered myself because I've gotten absolutely nothing done on Ch. 3 save for some very little bits and pieces, which is quite unfortunate because I start work again on Monday. Sigh. Never enough time, is there :)

Oof. I hope you guys like TEF.

OH HOLY CRAP! I almost forgot! I need an emergency beta for, um, emergencies. )

Back to the grindstone. Fun times!


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