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In writing A Thorn in Your Side, I originally planned for the awkward-yet-intimate moment between Belladonna and the Professor to happen while he was dying her hair in the bathroom. This was one of the first scenes I wrote and I cut it pretty quickly because it wasn't hitting the notes I wanted it to. Upon subsequent reads it felt more heavyhanded than I wanted to get (not that I'm always terribly subtle, ha). Besides that, once I really got into writing the story, trying to fit even an altered version of this in would've disrupted the flow of it. I suppose I could've taken some of the conversation that happened in the bedroom out and put it in this scene in the bathroom, but for me it was important to have the conversation between Belladonna and the Professor take place while surrounded by settings that would've been very familiar to Belladonna's former self (and the audience), but were completely alien to her. (Man, that was a long run-on sentence.)

Anyway, here it is in its unpolished, un-revised, unedited glory. )

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Surprise ♥

Title: A Thorn in Your Side
Characters/Pairing: Belladonna, Professor Utonium, no pairings
Rating: PG-13/T for mild language and emotionally heavy shit stuff
Disclaimer: Neither the Powerpuff Girls nor their FusionFall incarnations belong to me. Beyond that, this (far superior) interpretation of the FusionFall canon is the brainchild of the incomparable [personal profile] busterella.
Summary: Trying to be someone who's dead isn't' working out for Belladonna.
Notes: Not for Busterella's contest (which everybody should still try to enter!), just for her birthday! Also largely written because of you-know-what with you-know-who (she will know what I'm talking about). Apologies, I wanted this to be longer but had to power through it in a sickness-induced delirium. More is to come, but this is what I have for you so far. The happiest of birthdays to the coolest of people. Un-beta'd.

A Thorn in Your Side. ~4,538 words. )


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