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I hemmed and hawed and decided to bite the bullet and get an account!

It's sbj_ama!

Over the past few years my internet habits have changed dramatically, and LJ's/DW's interface is simply too cumbersome to utilize for answering questions. This should take a lot of the pain out of it for me. If anybody out there feels like asking me anything at all from now on, TEF/MTH/PpG-related or no, point yourself thataway!

This does mean that I will no longer be doing voice posts here on LJ. The old AMA post will stay visible as an archive, but comments will be locked off. I also apologize, truly and sincerely, but if you have asked a question on LJ that I haven't yet answered, please ask me again on sbj_ama!

... You know what, that's such a lackluster way to celebrate the new year. How about I respond to the first 5 prompts I get with a drabble? Yeah, let's do that :D

Happy 2015! May all your dreams fumble their way a little closer towards reality ♥
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Just FYI everyone! I made 3 voice posts a couple of nights ago and for some reason (read: LJ being a fickle bitch) none of them have posted yet. I'll get around to re-recording them at some point.

Also! That same night, prior to those voice posts, I was 2/3 of the way through transcribing my second AMA post (the 1st one has now been done) and THEN because I was multi-tasking and moving between windows, I wound up hitting the perfect combination of keystrokes that closed out the browser window where I was typing up my transcription and wound up LOSING EVERYTHING I'D TRANSCRIBED.

So I made those voice posts instead. And then the voice posts didn't post.

So instead I've been cooking and cleaning the house and watching Powerpuff Girls in Chinese because FUCK YOU LJ

But tomorrow is another day, and maybe I'll get caught up then!


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