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Birthdate:Oct 20
Location:United States of America
010311 I still pretty much write only PpG/RrB in the Powerpuff Girls fandom. This is the part where most legitimate fic writers leave. (I do have my lapses, occasionally.) If you're reading this, you're probably here from my profile. Hello and welcome!

I like snappy dialogue, character-driven work, and making it as human as possible. Not necessarily in that order.

My current giant timesuck is More Than Human, more commonly referred to on my lj as TEF (The Epic Fic). “Epic” is not a massive ego-stroke on my part; I am actually referring to the fic's immense length (currently 150,000 words and counting).

I am a giant nerd prone to flagrant and copious application of CAPSLOCK when I get excited. Which happens pretty often around these parts. JSYK.

Behold, a list of things that may be of potential interest to you. As well as a comprehensive list of all my fic.

My betas are the incomparable [profile] mathkid and [personal profile] juxtaposie. They make me great. Keep that in mind.

I love receiving comments and e-mails from the awesome people that read my fics, even if I get lazy and don't reply. If it were up to me, I'd say FREE PUPPIES FOR EVERYONE.

I still worship Buttercup.

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blossom being adorably prudish, blossom wearing brick's clothes, boomer as resident funny-man, boomer loving bad pop, boomer rocking to avril, brick falling down face-first, brick falling for bubbles, brick's ongoing pussification, bubbles being remarkably well-adjusted, bubbles showing the world, bubbles snarking back, butch's loyalty to brick, butch's nads being kicked, buttercup being a badass, buttercup being herself, buttercup being protective, buttercup's general epicness, girls who kick ass, guys who aren't threatened.
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