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I would've written last night, but finishing Green Lantern TAS was more important for some reason. YUP.

Continued from here.

Her eyes narrowed. )

P.S. - Happy Birthday Quilly! xoxoxo
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Too tired to tackle writing last night. Here's what I got this morning.

Continued from here.

The clothes caught him off guard for a second. )

And here's some bonus material: When I was trying to wrap up the last section from two nights ago, I hit a wall. I asked my s.o. to give me five words, sight unseen. His contribution. )

Truly masterful prose, that.
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The daily writing project. Continued from here.

Two hundred and seventy-six steps. )

I know you all are just wondering when Blossom's going to show up. Shh.
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Life is busy. Vague details later, as well as housekeeping on the most recent voice posts I did last week.

I decided to start writing something and am going to try to add a little to it every day, be it a page or a paragraph or a sentence. I mean, this is my normal procedure, generally, but what I mean is I'll post the day's work here with minimal editing. I've had to sacrifice my usual writing time for other things the past month, and it is going to have to continue into next month, unfortunately.

But I had to write something, so I wrote this. I have a vague idea where it's going at the moment, but don't get too attached to it, as it's more of an exercise than anything else.

Current filename: party. )

Ugh God I am exhausted. To be continued tomorrow.
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It should be known that I hate panty shots. HATE THEM. They are exploitative and male gaze-y and gross and 99.9% of the time done in a creeptastic way that robs the subject of any agency and knowledge of what is happening to her.

Keeping all that in mind, here is a smattering of various things I typed up in today's work on the TEF outline:

- Panty shot slo-mo
- Boob grab op
- Shibari... sort of
- “This is playing dirty!"
- Immediately regrets saying the word dirty.
- 3P enjoy the show.

Ch15 is going to be fun!
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He suggested I post a cookie, so you have him to thank for this.

I got this out of the box marked TEF ch10. )

Do people even call these cookies anymore? Man, I'm out of touch.
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To make up for my lack of posts over the past month and to assure everyone "Yes! I am still working on TEF!" here is one line from the 1st chapter outline of part 3 (that would be ch13 when it gets posted):

i. [name withheld] can't stop thinking about the D back at home

Oh hell, here's another couple from the rest of the part 3 outline:


Aaaaaand another:

*I really hope I don't have to explain that I don't condone hitting children, but here it is: I don't condone hitting children.

Here's this weirdo exchange b/w two characters (the slash indicates I'm bouncing around two possibilities for this patch of dialogue):

1. “omg are you into chicks”/”You're into the cunny!”
2. “Well I'm def not into dudes”/”Yeah well peen has not been making a good case for itself”


(I also thought about posting some heavy stuff but I don't want you smartasses speculating and figuring out major plot points, so nyeh.)

There you have it. Oh, and stay tuned for possible chattage in May!
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Unfortunately the chat I was alluding to in my previous entry - the one I was hoping to do at the end of this month - will have to get pushed back. I'm going to have to spend the end of this month traveling overseas for a funeral instead.

I found out early yesterday morning and was debating whether or not to say anything. I can't help but feel like mentioning it at all is some twisty cry for attention on my part no matter how cathartic it might actually be. Especially considering the whole reluctant BNF thing. But my mood's also been all over the place since yesterday morning and there's a good chance I could hulk out or at the very least say something really pissy and hurtful if I don't at least acknowledge it. So. This is me, acknowledging it. I don't know how hard it is to picture, but all the angry, emotional, soap-opera-esque intensity of FEELING there is in TEF with all the various characters? The stuff that you've read and the stuff that's forthcoming? I don't know what I'm saying. Maybe just that I spend a lot of time there. And I get people saying How are you able to write these characters this way, asking me how I do it so well, and that's the problem, I don't actually feel like I do it well, because I'm just writing how I feel, and most of the time I feel angry. I feel angry and pissy and bitter all the fucking time. And that's basically all I'm doing, is cordoning off all these individual bits and pieces of this me-monster into different people. I don't know. It's nothing special. Everybody on this planet is angry and pissy and bitter, all the fucking time, just like me. I'm not doing anything different, besides maybe writing it down and shoving into a bunch of cartoon characters, I guess. That's all. Sorry about the angst. I thought it was something you outgrew, but not really, huh? It just gets channeled into all these other little parts of yourself and festers like this little rotten thing inside you instead of going all Harry Potter Book 5.

Anyway. I've been planning a couple of posts for a while. I'm determined to get through as many questions as I can this weekend (and I'm not forcing myself, really, I'll have the time and things to fill my time are good for me right now) and I've been working on and off on a semi-detailed rundown of my various TEF!playlists. The Blues are up first, because, well, they start with "B" and that comes before "G" and "R." It turned into more of a project than I expected it to; you'll see what I mean. Then there's other stuff that I'm not calling to mind at the moment. Oh! A few days ago I thought about doing something special, inspired by the (fake) strangers kissing vid that went viral earlier this week. Maybe in April. We'll see.

For the record, if anyone offers their sympathies, I really do appreciate it, but I'd rather you commented with a link to something funny or happy or fluffy. Something to make me smile. I wallow enough as it is and sympathy only tends to enable that, which isn't healthy for me. In fact, let's make that a rule for the comments on this post! Something happy/fluffy/funny, if not all of the above!

(Speaking of happy things, the recent fanart by waffleswithketchup posted to the fanblog and lockwoodspenis' TEF re-read liveblog! Those things make me so happy. Thanks guys ♥ I'm very sorry to have immortalized these shout-outs in a post filled with my whinging.)
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Let's start with something important: the lovely P, otherwise known as [profile] xjabooo and formerly known as notkorra/patbby on tumblr, has opened up a Redbubble shop! P is near and dear to my heart, and I know it would mean a lot to her (and me!) if you would pay her store a visit, even just to have a look! (And, you know, buy something if you feel so inclined. That would be even more awesome!) TYFYT ♥

On the TEF front, I'm still (yes, STILL) working on that bigass outline for Part 3. I know I've said before that I played things looser on Parts 1 and 2, but since 3 is where, you know, things start wrapping up, I'm really invested in tying it all semi-neatly together. I've got the bigger plot points in place and am now trying to hammer out little details. It's an interesting process to work that closely with an outline; I went through it just the other morning and realized "Oh God there's barely any Blues in this chapter." And that turns into looking at their role in the other chapters/months and seeing if I can set up any of their major plot points over in this chapter some, or if I can plus out this other thing I was planning or tie it in to what the Reds or Greens have going on somehow, etc. Not just an interesting process, but an interesting lesson in plotting. The details I'm working out right now involve things right down to specific lines in conversations two characters are having with each other, which definitely wasn't the case with my Part 1 outline.

In fact, here's the outline I worked from for the very first chapter. )

Finally, I'm planning on doing another chat, probably towards the end of the month. It was brought to my attention after the first one that there was actually a LIMIT to the amount of users you could have in a chatroom! So my apologies to anyone who tried to get in but couldn't. I'll make sure that isn't the case with the next one.

(Visit P's shop!)


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