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I finally did something! For once!

Eons ago I promised an entry breaking down my massive TEF/PpG/RrB playlists. Today I am following through! Kind of! With (most of) the Blues, at least! And amalgamated into a Spotify playlist for your listening convenience!

I've mentioned how I'll put on scene-specific songs while I'm writing said scene to help provide a backdrop for what I'm writing. In the old days, if I needed general inspiration for a pairing, I would pull up my corresponding playlist (in this case, the Blues) as a way to get me in the “correct” mindset.

The only songs missing from these playlists are songs I absolutely could not find suitable versions of in Spotify, which basically amounts to anything in Japanese. (Feel my (banana-flavored) weeb power!) I'll post those separately at some point in the future.

Songs fall into one (sometimes two!) of five categories:
Band song – Wide variety of these, ranging from classic rock to 90s alternative to mainstream pop. I basically threw everything that sounded like something Boomer might sing into this playlist; this was before I narrowed his sound for TEF down (trending towards pop-punk most of the time).
Scenario (TEF story-specific) song – These run the gamut as well and range from songs that actually exist in story and songs that inspired certain events to songs that were scrapped but still served as inspiration.
Character song – Self-explanatory.
Pairing (Blues) song – Also self-explanatory!
Music Video song – These are usually self-contained narratives. The Blues don't get a lot of these, but, being the resident songbirds, usually provide the vocals.

Contents of the 75-song playlist are presented below with a complete lack of regard for organization because I simply cannot be assed.

Just the Way You Are (cover by Pierce the Veil) - Band song or potential Blues song. To be perfectly honest, though, more often than not I envision this as a Music Video song where Boomer is “narrating” in the background for Brick as he sullenly walks around and runs into/has altercations with Blossom, peppered by the occasional SHOUJO FLOWERS moments resulting in lots of angry blushing and fleeing.

American Girl (Bonnie McKee) - An on-the-fence Bubbles character song. The lyrics don't really suit her, but the energy feels right.

Somebody Loves You (Betty Who) - Absolutely a Bubbles character song! Could be basically any pairing involving her :D

Drumming Song (Florence + the Machine) - I mentioned in the chat that this is a Boomer song. Char/scenario song.

All This and Heaven Too (Florence + the Machine) - I actually don't remember why this is here off the top of my head, but from a quick listen, I'd say it's a Bubbles character song more than anything.

Cryin' (Aerosmith) - Early Band song for Boomer.

1000 Julys (Third Eye Blind) - Early band song for Boomer.

Wounded (Third Eye Blind) - Early band song for Boomer. (TRIGGER WARNING for implied abuse, potentially sexual, in this song.)

10 Days Late (Third Eye Blind) - Early band song for Boomer.

Never Let You Go (Third Eye Blind) - Early band song for Boomer.

Razzle Dazzle (Richard Gere) - I guess this a scenario song more than anything else? I considered a bunch of musicals for the story and I could see Boomer hamming it up for this song, so into the playlist it went. Ultimately got rejected (obviously).

I Won't Say I'm in Love (Susan Egan) - Considered as an in-story scenario song for Bubbles. It was in contention for her audition song.

Denise (Fountains of Wayne) - Early in-story scenario/band song for Boomer. This was going to be his first song with No Neck Joe; I changed it late in the game to be Weezer's “Perfect Situation”* because the latter had a cooler guitar solo. There's some pretty obvious foreshadowing going on with both songs (with “Denise” I liked the idea of him performing a love song before he developed any romantic interest in Bubbles), but listening to “Denise” now I'm struck by how apropos some of the lyrics are, plotwise. I also used to think of this song (early on) as a Music Video song for the Blues as well, involving a lot of doo-wop styled dancing and clapping. Whoo!
*For the record, I did not include “Perfect Situation” on the playlist because Spotify (and both iTunes and Amazon) only has the updated version of the song, which also happens to be the shitty inferior version with the less vocally interesting chorus! The original version is virtually impossible to find and purchase now, so maybe you'll get lucky and I'll upload it in a couple of days :D

Somebody to Love (Queen) - Early Band song for Boomer. Still counts, even! Though he likely would not have performed any Queen songs with No Neck Joe. He certainly would've inherited his love for Queen from his Daddy, though. (My version of) Boomer is definitely a Queen fan—like, they're his favorite band of all time forever and ever into the foreseeable future (and afterlife). Also, pretty much every Queen song on this list counts as an early Scenario song. I originally envisioned this as part of Boomer's contribution to a Townsville High Lock-in (for those unfamiliar, lock-ins are all-night event sponsored by the high school where the students can chill all night playing games and goofing off in a safe location without parents). I envisioned a TVHS lock-in as having band performances as well.

Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy (Queen) - More early Scenario shit for Boomer at the TVHS Lock-in, complete with choreo! Him would've been so proud.

Kiss/Heartbreak Hotel Mash-up (Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman) - Yes, from Happy Feet. Christ, I'd forgotten this was on here. I was a weirdo. High school kids dicking around. Was this for the lock-in? What the fuck was I on? STILL FUN TO LISTEN TO

Quando, Quando, Quando (Michael Bublé feat. Nelly Furtado) - Early Scenario song. Mostly inspo; I envisioned it as one of many songs Boomer would sing to woo Bubbles.

A Foggy Day [In London Town] (Michael Bublé) - More of the same. Early Scenario inspo song, Boomer wooing Bubbles, etc. Sidenote: this is probably my favorite of Bublé's covers and the only time where I think he's outsung everyone else I've heard do this song.

One Song Glory (Adam Pascal) - Man, there's a bunch of Scenario songs on here. I guess we're getting into the RENT portion of the playlist! Back from when I was originally toying with having the musical be RENT. Obviously Boomer would've played Roger. God, I'm predictable.

Seasons of Love (Cast of RENT) - Again, early Scenario song. Bubbles wouldn't have wound up playing Mimi; she would've been Joanne. OBVIOUSLY.

Light My Candle (Adam Pascal & Rosario Dawson) - The film version? Sacrilegious! Early Scenario song. Audition song between the Blues, despite the fact that this song never would've flown in a high school setting.

Here [In Your Arms] (Hellogoodbye) - FINALLY WE'RE OUT OF THE MUSICAL STUFF. Pairing song! That doubles as a Character song for Boomer! This was my flagship Blues song for the longest time – like, if you had asked me to pick one song to encapsulate the couple, I would've picked this one. Hell, I still might.

Another Believer (Rufus Wainwright) - Why was this on here? I think it's a Pairing song. OH WAIT NO. It's one of those rare beasts – a Music Video song for the Blues! It originally served as inspiration for what never became a fic (though I started writing it at one point) that opened on Boomer knocking on Bubbles' door to finally ask her out after years of friendship, gradually accumulated over all the times the PpG/RrB fought. Vague details are coming back to me. Something about them sharing a scarf and a hot chocolate or something while their siblings have it out in the background.

We Belong Together (Mariah Carey) – You guys should know this one. A Scenario song that actually made it into the fic! Fun fact, if anyone finds this fun – at one point (and only one point!) I envisioned Boomer mouthing the title of the song along with Bubbles. I can't remember when, so you guys pick your favorite!

Stop (Wells College Acapella Group Henry's VIII) – Early Scenario song for Bubbles when I toyed with her being in an acapella group. This particular version is impossible to get unless you have a friend who was actually in the group, so I selected a decent cover in Spotify :)

Ohio [Come Back To Texas] (Bowling For Soup) - Band song for Boomer.

You Don't Know Me (Michael Bublé) - Scenario song. This is the song Boomer sings when he shows up at Bubbles and Will's anniversary dinner in the rotating restaurant.

Hey There Delilah (Plain White T's) - OH MAN MEMORIES. Originally envisioned as a Scenario song post-TEF. Even though the ending has been completely changed since, I won't go into details for fear of spoiling things for you clever guessers out there.

Welcome to the Black Parade (My Chemical Romance) - Band song for Boomer. I recently gave this another listen and re-envisioned it as Boomer reflecting on a long-ago conversation with Him and like it much better that way. In either case, Boomer would sing (scream?) the fuck out of this song. (The drums at the beginning are awesome, btw.)

Wordplay (Jason Mraz) - Early Band song for Boomer.

I Want You Back (Jackson 5) - Early Scenario song for the lock-in. Boomer and Bubbles actually karaoke'd this together; it was supposed to support their natural knack for harmonization, particularly with each other.

Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (The Pussycat Dolls) - Early Scenario song for Bubbles in the acapella group. Her solo was going to be the bit at the end where they go into the second song. If you haven't guessed, this and the previous “acapella” selection were intended as a sort of response-via-performance to Boomer's courting in the developmental stages of their relationship.

I'll Be There (Jackson 5) - Same as the other Jackson 5 song – early Scenario song for the lock-in, karaoke, harmonization. Bubbles took MJ's part.

If I Had $1,000,000 (Barenaked Ladies) - Early Band/Scenario song for Boomer in his quest to woo Bubbles.

Lady (Lenny Kravitz) - Early Band song for Boomer. Who could he be singing about?

Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous (PlayRadioPlay!) - Pairing song/Character song for Boomer. Listened to on endless repeat when I wrote their interaction in the action stuff towards the end of Ch3.

Stacy's Mom (Fountains Of Wayne) - Early Band song for Boomer. These days I prefer to classify this as a metaphor/inspiration for Townsville's villains always kidnapping the Professor. (THINK ABOUT THIS, IT IS MUCH MORE ENTERTAINING. SCIENCE IS SEXY; WHAT VILLAIN COULD RESIST ITS SIREN CALL?!)

Turn Me On (Norah Jones) - Early Band song for Boomer that he wouldn't actually have performed with No Neck Joe; another one of those lounge-y solo pieces at the piano pleading his case to Bubbles.

All These Things That I've Done (The Killers) - I've already gone into detail about this Scenario/Music Video song here, so enjoy!

Glasgow Love Theme (from “Love Actually”) - Why is this here?! I DON'T REMEMBER. I think I originally planned for this to be a Scenario song for a part at the end of TEF?

Portuguese Love Theme (from “Love Actually”) - Okay this was definitely a Scenario song for end of TEF. Not sure that I would still turn to this for inspiration now.

Somebody To Love (Anne Hathaway) - Scenario song for Bubbles, intended to be sung at the lock-in and juxtapose Boomer's over the top performance of the same song.

Don't Ask Me (OK Go) - Early Band song for Boomer.

Another Day (Cast of RENT) - Early Scenario song that I mentioned in a previous TEF trivia post here (and incorrectly cited as “No Day But Today”).

Out Tonight (Rosario Dawson) - Scenario song; this was Boomer's original audition song for the musical and also cited in the aforementioned TEF trivia post.

My Girl (The Temptations) - Early Band song for Boomer that didn't actually involve No Neck Joe. Might've been a Scenario song? No, probably just served as more inspiration for Boomer's wide vocal range.

Goodbye Love (Cast of RENT) - Christ, there's a lot of musical stuff here. More of the same, early Scenario song when the high school musical was going to be RENT.

How's It Going To Be (Third Eye Blind) - Early Band song for Boomer.

Semi-Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind) - Early Band song for Boomer.

Take Me Out (Third Eye Blind) - Early Band song for Boomer. (I really liked Third Eye Blind, okay guys)

Teenagers (My Chemical Romance) - Band song for Boomer, but I like it more these days as either a Music Video song for all three Boys wreaking havoc or Townsville's villains reacting to the Girls in their teenage years.

About A Girl (The Academy Is...) - Band song for Boomer that eventually got re-appropriated for the Reds playlist.

Love Song (Sara Bareilles) - Why is this on the Blues list? Did I intend this as a Bubbles song? It fits Boomer more. Anyway whatever, ultimately this went to the Greens playlist for reasons you guys can only guess at!

Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus) - God, how obvious is it that I grew up in the 90s? Band song for Boomer.

Hot (Avril Lavigne) - Scenario song. I might have mentioned this in a previous TEF trivia post, but I'm too lazy to look it up right now. This is the song Boomer sings to Bubbles with The Galaxy Girls at the End-of-Year Concert in Ch5. This also shows up as a Music Video song on the Reds playlist.

Love Me Dead (Ludo) - Mentioned in a previous TEF trivia post as well that I'm also too lazy to look up! This is a Scenario song and part of the actual in-fic zombie musical. I even have choreo and staging in my head, thanks to the awesome music video for this song.

You Don't Know Me (Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor) - Also mentioned in a TEF trivia post, I'm too lazy to link, blah blah blah. Scenario song, part of actual in-fic zombie musical. Last number, Boomer and Bubbles sing it as she's rising from the dead to join him (her brother in-musical) in the zombie ranks.

Closing Time (Semisonic) - Early Band song for Boomer.

Linger (The Cranberries) - Scenario song for the Blues (and the Reds to a degree, but fits the Blues more). This plays at Prom in Ch4.

My Life Would Suck Without You (Kelly Clarkson) - Scenario song; Boomer actually sings a couple lines of this to Bubbles in Ch5 before their almost-kiss gets interrupted.

You and I (Ingrid Michaelson) - Pairing song for the Blues, because they're so sickeningly adorable.

The Heart of Life (John Mayer) - Character song for Bubbles! It encapsulates her life philosophy pretty neatly.

Reeling In The Years (Steely Dan) - Scenario song; in Ch1 Boomer mentions this song to Mitch as possessing the best guitar solo.

Like A Stone (Audioslave) - Early Band song for Boomer.

Free Fallin' (John Mayer) - I can't recall if this is a (solo) Band song for Boomer or if it's a Character song for Bubbles. I'd be tempted to call it more the latter, but I feel like it's an odd fit for this playlist now. Maybe Character song for Boomer about Bubbles? But it doesn't fit the pairing, really. Basically it doesn't fit and I don't know why the fuck it's here anymore!

DONTTRUSTME (3OH!3) - Early Band song for Boomer. This would probably be a go-to karaoke song for him when he got sick of singing bubblegum pop songs. SPOILER: HE WOULD NEVER

So Yesterday (Hilary Duff) - LIKE THIS ONE. This is actually a Music Video song for Boomer. He cuts together a vlog music video of his own to this song! Fixed camera, mostly him goofing off.

Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Iron & Wine) - Character song for Boomer, arguably a Pairing song. I quoted this in my massive PpG/RrB pairing essay.

Such Great Heights (Iron & Wine) - Scenario song. In-fic, this is the song Boomer serenades Bubbles with (and that she joins in on) in Ch8, much to Buttercup and Butch's disgust.

Umbrella (Rihanna feat. JAY-Z) - Probably the most infamous Scenario song on here, judging from the amounts of fanart! End of Ch4 :)

Mister Sandman (Pomplamoose) - Not sure why this is only on the Blues playlist, because I've always thought of this as a Music Video song about the Boys (the joke being that they are the three of them far from a “dream boy” to any sane person) that plays out more like a horror show/fight between the Boys and Girls. Butch has the “come hither gleam” with his sparkly crazy eyes, Boomer has Pagliacci's (the tragic clown, for those of you who don't know/remember) “lonely heart,” and Brick has Liberace's long, wavy hair. Because he is a dork and I delight in abusing his dorkitude to its fullest extent.

Haven't Met You Yet (Michael Bublé) - Solo Band song for Boomer, but I kinda hate it and am just too lazy to remove it.

Believer (American Authors) - A recent addition! Character song for Boomer. That naïve boy.

Whole Wide World (Mindy Gledhill) - Another recent addition. Character song for Bubbles.

Mississippi Isabel (King Charles) - Another recent addition. Character song for Boomer. Have tossed this around as feeding Boomer's character for a fic that will most likely get scrapped.

Even though I don't quite listen to music with the ear for “Would this fit a character/pairing?!” the way I used to, the possibility exists that these playlists may get updated from time to time if I hear something that happens to fit.

Of course, if you lovely folks have any Blues songs you'd like to recommend, please do! I love listening to the playlists you all come up with :)

ETA: P, one of my favorite peoples of all time, wrote me birthday fic! Specifically, Reds!birthday fic! Featuring blushing and angries and shirts! Go read and lavish all the love upon her!

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