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"While we were laughing, and drinking, and smoking, and singing..."

Today I sat down to write and my first thought was "Ugh. Where the hell is this going?"

Continued from here.


“Wait!” Ooh, eurgh. He hadn't meant for that to come out that way.

It didn't matter, though, because she didn't stop. Before he could think otherwise, Brick flew after her, trailing at a safe enough distance. He scrabbled about in his brain for a button, a pin, a checkmate, and then—

“There's a party!”

Now she did stop dead in her tracks. She whipped around and stared in utter disbelief and a great deal of suspicion.

“You're not...” She said it out the side of her mouth, looking him up and down and obviously trying to establish a gameplan for letting him down easy. She had him pegged all wrong.

“At Mojo's. There's a party at Mojo's. All the villains in Townsville are gathered there right now.”

“W... what? Doing what? Plotting?” A sudden thread of panic shot through her eyes. “Are they planning some massive takeover of—”

“No, it's... just a party. They're just drinking punch and talking.”

Confusion overtook the panic. “So what are you—why are you telling me?”

“Because they aren't expecting any interruptions. You could make your life a lot easier if you and your sisters took them all down now.”