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"Come on, can you count all the loves that didn't last?"

Writing on weekends doesn't happen regularly for me - only when I'm really pressed about something or if there's been a buildup for a while. That's all to say I treat my weekends as actual weekends, and writing as part of my workday. Holiday weekends get the same treatment.

The trouble with three days off is getting back into the groove of the story; two days is manageable, but three days is tough. So. When in doubt, vulgar joke. (Thankfully, I had the foresight to set it up in the last passage.) Warning for Brick being a four-letter-word that starts with "d" and rhymes with "Brick."

Continued from here.


A look of mock concern passed over her face. “Oh, is that what happened? I was wondering where it had gone.”

Characteristically cutting, but uncharacteristically willing to play blue. She was pissed. It must've been a nice date, or maybe she really liked the guy.

Alright, fine. If that was how she wanted it.

“Yeah,” he huffed, half-laughing, then sobered and gestured at his pants. “Come see for yourself.”

Something shot through the narrow opening between his legs, barely brushing their current conversation topic. To Brick's credit, he didn't flinch, but the appendage in question did seem inspired to actually do what he had claimed it had done earlier.

“No thank you,” she said.