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"At least I'm not as sad as I used to be."

I would've written last night, but finishing Green Lantern TAS was more important for some reason. YUP.

Continued from here.


Her eyes narrowed. She floated towards him - close enough for him to see the sparkle of her eyeshadow. He tensed, bracing himself for the first strike.

But she passed him. He blinked after her, watching as she flew through the open window into the shadows of the store. A few seconds later the alarm, which Brick had somehow managed to forget was blasting its obnoxious announcement of his presence, shut off.

“You cannot be serious,” she said, re-emerging with his rock in hand and staring at it in disbelief. She held it up to him, her expression a mixture of annoyed and I-demand-an-explanation-or-so-help-you-God-you-yes-you.

Brick considered his options. Arguing with Blossom was like playing chess and go at the same time. She had a sharp look and a sharper tongue, and had a bad habit of making anyone she was talking to feel like a complete Neanderthal no matter how smart they were. He opted to keep it simple tonight.

“That ain't mine,” he said with a shrug, hoping the grammar would infuriate her.

“You just interrupted my evening with a rock,” she said, a disgusted curl to her lip. “If you are going to waste my time, surely you can manage better than uninspired vandalism.”

He turned up his chin. “There can be beauty in simplicity. Might wanna keep that in mind before you attempt makeup again.” The makeup was not actually bad, but it was on her face, and, by extension, whorish and awful.

She scoffed. “Appealing to you is nowhere near my list of priorities.”

He gagged. “I can feel my dick shriveling up at the mere suggestion.”


P.S. - Happy Birthday Quilly! xoxoxo